June 24

Lawrence Memorial Hospital hosted the second of the three 5Ks in the Summer Series this morning in Baldwin. Below - Heidi Johnston (Baldwin) approaching the finish line.

2017 Baldwin Summer Spray 5K.

June 23

50 years ago today , Jim Ryun set the world record in the mile at 3:51.1. That was the last time an American held the world record. ABC Sports' Jim McKay called the race.

Last evening, the Mini Mocs and TBC summer track programs held their dual meet. Photo by Sarah Beth Houser‎.

Photo of the long jump competition at the Mini Mocs vs TBC Track Club meet.


June 22

With the lead up to the 2017 Western States 100 Endurance Run reaching a fever pitch, the timing of the release of Lighting the Fire: Wrong Turns, by 9MindAsylum, about current ultrarunning star Jim Walmsley couldn’t be better. Walmsley, of course, is famous for his wrong turn at mile 92—while on a blistering course-record pace—of the 2016 Western States 100 (see also “The Legend That Could Have Been”). Walmsley is gunning to avenge that wrong turn in this year’s Western States, June 24-25, 2017.
(Mike Benge, Trail Runner, June 22, 2017)

June 20

Leaving the GPS watch at home now and again can have big payoffs.

Like many runners today, 33-year old engineer Amy Shuman never leaves home to train or race without her GPS watch. “If it’s not on the Internet, it never happened, right?” she jokes. “It’s such an easy task to put it on that I never really consider going without it.” more (by Amanda Loudin, 6/15/17, RRCA)

June 17

The Compete the Loop 5K and 25K Challenge Run began at Rock Chalk Park right after the early morning rainstorm had stopped. The free community run/walk followed the Lawrence Loop along the western and southern edges of the city, then north along the Burroughs Creek Trail and ended at the Ad Astra Running store. The photos were taken as the runners approached the Rotary Arboretum.

17Jun17 Lawrence Loop Run

June 16

The 5 Worst Things to Do After Your Run. - While running can become routine after a certain amount of time, there definitely are ways you can sabotage your workout efforts if you do certain things incorrectly right after your run. From my experience of working with runners and athletes over the years, here are my top five worst things to do post-run. more
(By Susan Paul, Dec 13, 2016, The Starting Line)

June 13

The National Track & Field Junior Olympics will be July 24-30. Volunteers are needed to make this event a success. Lawrence was fortunate to win the bid to host this event which will draw around 30,000 in town - athletes and their parents and coaches from all over the US. Check out the promo video.

If you can help, please sign up:

June 10

normal sponal segment. . .running may be good for your intervertebral discs, rather than being hard on them. It makes them bigger and juicier! For decades, almost everyone has assumed that the jarring impact of running constitutes a source of relentless wear and tear on the spine, and that the discs in particular probably cannot keep up with the onslaught, and aren’t able to adapt and recover — a slow losing battle. Specifically, data on “turnover rates” — how quickly tissue is replaced — have “lead to the assumption that positive adaptation in the mature intervertebral disc is unlikely to occur during the normal human lifespan.”

This new evidence, the first of its kind, suggests exactly the opposite: “tissue adaptation will occur in the intervertebral disc with exercise.” read more (from, Belavý DL, Quittner MJ, Ridgers N, Ling Y, Connell D, Rantalainen T., June 9, 2017)

June 8

Special Report: For Many with Autism, Running is a Sport that fits.

Read the full report.

June 2

A recent Running USA report shows a decline in the total number of finishers in road races in 2016.

For the third consecutive year, a Running USA annual report–which looks at key statistics regarding sanctioned road races in the U.S.–found that participation in road race events has declined. An estimated 16,957,100 participants crossed a finish line in 2016, which is a one percent decrease from the 17,114,800 finishers in 2015. more
(by Jessica Griffithsd, 4/13/17, Colorado Runner)

May 31

ESPN Run, a Spanish language website, often has reports in English with Spanish subitltes. The coverage from this year's London Marathon presents a middle-of-the-pack runner's experience training for and running in the race. It's a full report, so allow time to view it all.

Didn't see any of these these at last weekend's races.

Bouncy portapotty cartoon.

May 30

Photo of the first workout for the summer track program with Coach Paul Hefferon.

The first workout of the Tuesday Night Track Training Porgram didn't let a summer burst of rain stop them The 5-week program is coached by Paul Hefferon. The program is to prepare participants for the July 7th Ad Astra Moonlight Relays.

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