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Introduction - explains how the records are organized, as well as other aspects of the data.

Synopsis - summary of the past year

Age Graded Analysis - best age-graded performances of the year

Millard (Jack) Crook
Kansas Records Statistician
Mulvane, KS

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2010 Age-Graded/Masters Performances

Last year I reminded everyone that the Master’s Analysis is based on factors developed by the World Masters Athletes organization back in the late 1980’s.  A few years ago, they updated their analysis to reflect more current achievements and world records, but unfortunately have not published that data.  I have written them twice asking for updated tables that provides factors for all ages 8  thru 100, but they claim they have not yet released that data for publication.  However, I know they are using that new analysis data in some events, so don’t understand their publication “foot dragging”.  So the age grading values I am forced to use are now more than 20 years old.  I also need to mention that last year my 2 mile factors used a bad look-up routine. It effected only the males, so we will be updating  the 2009 analysis in the near future.  The male gradings were about 3 percent too high last year.

For 2010 our male master runners really put on a show, with gradings higher in all events except the 4 mile and marathon.  And once again, we only had one out-of-stater manage to crack our top two list by race distance.  Picking an overall “Champ” this year would be tough.  Looking at the tables below, you’ll notice that Dennis Smithhisler of Wichita led the most events and his overall gradings ranked 2nd, 4th and 5th.  But then there’s Keith Long from Beaumont with an outstanding top grade of 90.05% in the 5K and he also topped the 10 mile event as well, plus 2nd best rankings in the 8K and 10K events; Keith’s 5K grade was fueled by his breaking the state record for the 50-54 age group. Dennis turned 45 during the year and broke state records for that age group in both the 10K and half marathon, leading to his top notch gradings.   But I also should mention David Keller’s record breaking 2 mile time of 9.37 in the 40-44 age group that led to his 2 mile top grading of 88.56%  that ranked 3rd overall; David is also from Wichita.

EVENT NO. 1  MALE Grade   NO. 2   MALE Grade
2  MILE David Keller 88.56%   Rod Zook            85.05%
5 K Keith Long 90.05   Kevi  Miller   86.94
4 MILE Steve Riley 80.97   Thom Wilkins          80.64
8 K Dennis Smithhisler 87.67   Keith Long 81.37
10 K Dennis Smithhisler  83.04   Keith Long          86.13
12 K Brian Daldorph 78.15   Ken Johnson 72.79
15 K No Races in 2010        
10 MILE Keith Long 84.58   Rick Hogan 80.20
HALF Dennis Smithhisler 89.00   David Keller 83.24
MARATHON Dann Fisher  78.51   Rance Myers 78.29

For the ladies this year, Barbara Holzman of Wichita was easily the consensus pick.  Not only did she have the best grades in four different distances she also picked up a second best as well.  However, she only had the 5th best overall grade; another Barbara picked up that honor, Barbara Rinne from Lee’s Summit, MO, graded 82.69% in the 5K.  But she just barely nosed out Cindy Cameron of Westwood at 82.52%, and Deborah Torneden of Wichita at 82.47%.  Cindy topped the 12K event and got a 2nd in the 5K.  Trudy Calloway of Wichita also did well by topping the 10K and finishing 2nd in the 8 K.  The only other doubler was Marla Rhoden of Topeka who picked up two runner-up spots behind Holzman.

By the way, both placers in the marathon were from out of state. 

EVENT NO. 1  FEMALE Grade   NO. 2   FEMALE Grade
2  MILE Deborah Torneden 82.47%    Trudy Calloway 76.23%
5 K Barbara Rinne 82.69   Cindy Cameron 82.52
4 MILE Barbara Holzman  77.61   Marie Hampton 75.21
8 K Barbara Holzman     77.88   Trudy Calloway  75.37
10 K Trudy Calloway  80.03   Barbara Holzman 79.38
12 K Cindy Cameron 78.13    Ellen Jensen 59.52
15 K No Races in 2010        
10 MILE Barbara Holzman 79.60   Marla Rhoden 76.34
HALF Barbara Holzman 75.67   Marla Rhoden 77.01
MARATHON Kris Huff 77.07   Rebecca Lowrance 75.95

Sub-master grades were improved this year, topped by Mario Macias of Alamosa, CO.  His Easter Sun Run 10 K graded out at an excellent 91.1% and his Atwood 10 mile graded almost 90% as well. Melissa Todd once again had the best female grade at 84.8%, slightly better than last year. On average, teen-age grades were only slightly lower than last year.  And for the 2nd straight year a female runner had the best grade.  This year it was a 9 year old phenom, Erin Topham of Wichita, who had a best of 83.5% in the 2 mile and an 83.3% in the 5K; so her grades were better than the best female masters grades at both distances.

12 & Under Cole Schumacher 77.8% Erin Topham 83.5%
13 – 15 Chris Melgares 77.0 Emily May 76.5
16 – 19 Aaron Pope  82.0  Christine Nelson 81.4
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