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Photo of the star of the women's 1500m. Photo of the M19-29 1500 meters at the Heartland Track Meet on June 27th.
      Start of the women's 1500m at the Heartland track meet on June 27 at JCCC; the leaders (Joe Mundt & Brett Rinehart) from the
       M19-29 1500m race. (gmw)
   June 2009 archive  

June 29 - Lawrence has a new club, devoted to promoting, caring for and running on the scenic trails of Clinton Lake and the Kansas River. The Lawrence Trail Hawks officially incorporated as a Kansas not-for-profit organization May 7, with a core group of 18 dues-paying members. The group invites all runners to join them on their trail runs, which are scheduled nearly every night of the week. Gary Henry is the guiding spirit of the new group. more

Correction: Results are now current for the Summer Sizzler 5K; the first set was from 2008.

Former runLawrence president Don Cackler is home and doing fine - fine enough to go to Dog Days this morning!

Thanks to Jay O'Neill for renewing his runLawrence membership.

Photo of Chrissie Wellington.June 26 - Even Chrissie Wellington is mentioning the July 8th world's largest workout in her blog. The personable Brit had a great time here.

June 25 - Lawrence aims for the world's largest workout on Wed, July 8. If you want to help make it as big as possible, 5:30 pm is the check-in time with the workout starting at 6 pm and lasting about 45 min. Don "Red Dog" Gardner will lead everyone for stretching, calisthenics, and a walk/run. Location: KU’s Shenk Fields, Clinton Parkway & Iowa. You will need to sign a waiver.
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June 24 - Great news about long-time club member Don Cackler.  His doctor was able to successfully repair his damaged heart valve and did not have to replace it. Don is recovering at St. Luke's Hospital.  Wife Lori reports that he is practicing "heavy breathing" and is walking down the corridors pushing a grocery cart.  We suggested that he ditch the grocery cart asap as it likely is slowing him down!  With expected continuing progress, Don may be home this weekend.  I, for one, am very much relieved as I realize that we count on Don to do a lot of the "heavy lifting" in this club - both figuratively and literally. - Dee Boeck

Photo of Bill Skorupski, 5K winner at the Tongie Library Run. Photo of Steve Riley. Photo of Steve Blitzer-Ahless.
Skropuski, Riley and Blitzer-Ahless at the Tonganoxie Library Run. (Tongie photos by Frank Mace)

Photo of the Slocums with their medals from the Tongie Library Run.June 18 - The Slocums and the Sandrats took 1-2-3 at the Tonganoxie Library Run, on Sat, June 13. Kevin led the Slocum Family on their medals haul with Dad Terry and Mom Arlene collecting top honors in their respective classes. The Sandrats of Billy Skorupski, Steve Riley and Steve Blitzer-Ahless swept the top three spots in the 5K. results

Jorge does it - three marathons in 54 days. Jorge Carvajal is officially a marathon maniac. Read more Jorge reminds us, he is also a Sandrat.

June 14 - Chrissie Wellington and Luke Bell take Ironman 70.3 Kansas.

Luke Bell used the day's fastest bike and run splits to take the men's title at Ironman 70.3 Kansas, but the the big story was Chrissie Wellington's continued dominance in Ironman racing with her impressive win - she was the second fastest out of the water before dominating the bike and run to claim the women's title. more

Overall men: 1 Luke Bell 3:49:35, 2 Timothy O'Donnell 3:50:44, 3 James Cotter 3:54:05, 4 Stephen Hackett 3:55:25, 5 Brandon Marsh 3:55:46

Overall women: 1 Chrissie Wellington 4:14:52 , 2 Pip Taylor 4:19:42, 3 Amy Marsh 4:21:38 , 4 Nina Kraft 4:25:26, 5 Kim Loeffler 4:28:38

June 13 - Scenes from this morning's Rock Chalk Run at Clinton State Park. Results

June 10 - Bob Woods ran a 3:34:35 at the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend, IN on June 6th, finishing 3rd in the M55-59 category. It finished on the 50 yard line of Notre Dame's football stadium. results


Photo of last finisher at Hospital Hill.

The last finisher is congratulated at the Hospital Hill Run. Click on photo to see the finish time (gmw)

June 6 - Here are the top finishers of local area runners from the 26th edition of Hospital Hill. full results

FName LName City DivPl
ClockTime Overall
Half Marathon          
Steve Riley Lawrence 1 M5559 1:25:45 64
Pam Perica Bonner Springs 1 F5559 1:49:19 560
Susie Fagan Lawrence 2 F3539 1:35:40 164
Brian Daldorph Lawrence 3 M5054 1:27:12 69
Jenn Forkenbrock Lawrence 3 F3034 1:35:10 157
Paul Hefferon Lawrence 1 M2024 32:14 2
Kenneth Johnson Lawrence 1 M55-59 45:21 42
Claire Phillips Topeka 2 F6064 1:19:35 640
Michael Garven Lawrence 2 M25-29 36:31 7
Paul Miller Lawrence 2 M4044 40:11 20
Ellen Young Lawrence 2 F5559 56:19 130
Grant Catloth Lawrence 3 M2024 37:20 8
Vivian Tucker Topeka 3 F5054 53:37 67
Shasta Zielke Lawrence 3 F2024 48:10 18
UMKC School of Med 5K        
Stacy Riggins Lawrence 1 F5054 27:17 33
Mike Neal Lawrence 1 M5559 25:48 75
Joanie Starks Lawrence 1 F5559 28:57 53
Jericho Hilliard Lawrence 3 M2529 21:59 25
Thomas Leggins Lawrence 3 M4044 23:35 41
Tina Wright Lawrence 3 F4549 29:01 56
Logan Sloan Lawrence 3 M0119 18:08 4

June 5 - From Friday's Hershey's Track & Field Meet at Southwest Junior High:

Girls 200 at Hershey Track Meet. Boys 200 at the Hershey Track Meet.

The Journal-World featured Marc Scarbrough and his preparations for the Kansas Half Ironman event in two weeks. . . .the Lawrence-based internal-medicine doctor and part-time triathlete actually has turned his least favorite part of the competitions — the swim — into the element he enjoys the most. more
Marc also competed in last Sunday's KC Triathlon at Lee's Summit. results

Photo of Dog Days group running passed bird's nest sculpture by Spooner Hall. Photo of the KU Bird's Nest as Dog Days runners go by.
Photo of runner looking inside the Bird's Nest.
The Wed, June 3, Dog Days workout included a little art appreciation by the "bird's nest" at Spooner Hall (click to enlarge photos)


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