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Photo of Lilja Osterman, Cascade Orienteering Club at the Intercollegiate and Interscholastic Orienteering Championships held at Shawnee Mission Park on March 9-10, 2013. Pi Day River Rotation trail half marathon course has runners going inboth directions. Niki- Hilgenberg and Jennifer Kongs were the 2nd and 1st overall female winners at the Pi Day Run. LaRisa Chambers-Lochner, Julie Loats and Tesa Green - top 3 F40-44 at the 2013 Shamrock Shuffle 5K.
  Lilja Osterman, Cascade Orienteering Club, was one of many competitors from all over the country who ran at the Intercollegiate
  & Interscholastic Orienteering Championships held at Shawnee Mission Park.Mar 9-10, (gmw); the Pi Day River Rotation trail
  races had runners going in both directions; Niki Hilgenberg and Jennifer Kongs were  the 2nd and 1st overall female winners at
  the Pi Day Run. (Chris Wristen photos); Mar 9 - at the Lawrence Shamrock Shuffle. Tesa Green took 1st, LaRisa Chambers-Lochner
  2nd and Julie Loats 3rd and Julie Loats 3rd  in the Women's 40-44 division. Rain couldn't put a damper on their good time.
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Mar 31 - Here's a promotional video for the Inaugural FlatRock 101K. There's still plenty of room for what is bound to become known as one of, if not, THE toughest ultra trail races of this distance in the central states region and well beyond. The question you should be asking yourself right now is quite simply, "Do I have what it takes?" Especially if you consider yourself a "hardcore trail ultrarunner!"

FLATROCK 101K PROMO from Harrison Steele

Mar 28 - Two events on the same course on the same day? Could have been a problem, but the Apr 6 Dam Run and the Bobcat Family Fun Run will both have their events. Lawrence Parks & Recreation had doublebooked the Clinton Lake Softball Complex. Organizers Carrie Mandigo and Duane Peterson met this morning and merged the two events.

The Dam Run and The Bobcat Family Fitness 5K will be running the same course at the same time. Each event will still have its own registration and the Bobcat Run its own post-party celebration. Late registrations will be taken at 8:30 that morning. Arrival before 8:30 is suggested.

All runners will start at 9 am. Those who paid to enter the Dam Run will line up in front. The Fun Run will line up behind. The Dam Run has two distances - a 5K and a 12K. Several people in the 12K will be attempting to set state record times. Only times from the Dam Run will be recorded.

Runners can warm-up with Rob Jones of Peak Performance at 8:40 along side the KU cheerleaders and a few members of the KU Women's Soccer Team! 
Bobcat Run info | Dam Run entry

Mar 27 - How Much Marathon Training Do You Really Need? - The marathon is one of the most challenging events in endurance athletics. To succeed in the marathon, a runner must possess a great deal of durability and aerobic strength as well as a healthy dose of economy and power. Training must reflect the demands of this unique distance, and while the lion's share of training for the marathon distance can and should be simple aerobic time on your feet, specific "marathon prep" sessions will yield greater performances on race day—if implemented correctly.

. . . The build-up for your marathon should be inversely proportional to your fitness, so the fitter you are when starting a marathon build-up, the shorter your preparation period should be. more (Pete Rea, Active.com)

Mar 26 - The style of your running shoes isn’t just making a fashion statement. It may be controlling the way you run and setting you up for injuries down the road. . .

When... teens ran barefoot or in flat-soled racing shoes, they generally landed on the front halves of their feet, the researchers say. But when the young athletes put on standard-issue running shoes with thick, cushioned heels, they instantly switched to a radically different gait, striking the treadmills with their heels. more
(Alan Bavley, Kansas City Star, Mar 26, 2013)

Mar 16 - runLawrence is planning to start a Youth Running Project this year headed by coaches Shannon Hodges and Dan Kuhlman. The Youth Running Project (YRP) seeks to support and enhance existing youth running efforts in the Lawrence area for K-8 grade youth. YRP will expose youth to distance running and training principles under the supervision of qualified coaches providing them with opportunities for running, training and competitions at age appropriate levels. more

Mar 15 - In recent years, static stretching (holding a stretch for 15-30 seconds) has received a bad rap with studies showing that it weakens muscles which reduces running performance and doesn’t correlate with a decrease in injury.  However, dynamic stretching (stretching while moving) has been shown to be beneficial and there are scores of anecdotal stories to back up the benefits of stretching in general. more (Eladio Valdez III)

Photo of KU triple jumper Andrea Geubelle.Mar 12 - KU long and triple jumper Andrea Geubelle was named the nation's female field athlete of the year it was announced Tuesday by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. The honor is the first for Geubelle and second-consecutive national indoor honor for the women's team after Diamond Dixon was named the nation's female track athlete of the year last season. more

Mar 4 - (below) RunLawrence members with Dee Boeck, RRCA certified race director, at the Mar 3rd meeting (Becky McClure photo)

Photo of runLawrence members with Dee Boeck, RRCA certified race director at the March 3, 2013 meeting.


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