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Feb 28

The Feb 8th Psycho WyCo Run Toto, Run 10-mile trail race is a difficult and technical course. Add 12 inches of snow, and you have a whole new monster. Here's a video shot with a GoPro by Jeremiah and Jenna Paige.

Feb 25

Olympian Jeff Galloway is coming to Lawrence this March 15 to celebrate the start of RunWalkLawrence’s marathon training program. Galloway’s advocacy of walk breaks has led some to dismiss his approach as unsuitable for more experienced runners; however, walk breaks can lead to faster times in longer races, regardless of a runner’s level of experience. more details

Feb 20

Canceled: Topeka Run for Life 10 Miler: "Thanks to all who have contributed to and participated in the Run for Life the past 18 years. Due to a need to reorganize the leadership and sponsorship of the event, the race will not be held in 2014. We look forward to seeing everyone back in 2015." - Ray Gabel

Feb 19

Any runner who attempts a long distance race without properly preparing courts disaster.

When I first presented the principles of this program at a talk I gave at a large marathon expo, I couldn’t help but notice the reaction of a woman sitting in the front row. When I announced that it’s possible to fully prepare for a marathon by running no more than 35 miles per week, she slowly shook her head from side to side, a frown on her face.

I wasn’t the least bit upset by this reaction. read more
(Jeff Horowitz, running.competitor.com)

Feb 12

The Lawrence Trail Hawks will host the 4th annual “Pi-Day River Rotation Half-Marathon and 5KTrail Race,” Sun, March 16, 8 am, on the Kansas River trail system.
The two races marks Pi-Day, a March 14 holiday held in honor of the mathematical constant Pi, 3.14. The race course is a winding, twisting, mostly smooth trail with a few roots and inclines sprinkled in for fun. Volunteers will serve up homemade pie at the finish line. The Lawrence Trail Hawks are Lawrence’s original trail- and ultra-running club.
More information

Feb 9

Photo of the Marathon Clubs in Lawrence receiving donations from runLawrence.

On February 9th, runLawrence presented 11 elementary school marathon clubs and the Douglas County CASA Shepherd Shoe Fund with donation checks from the proceeds of the 10th annual Thanksgiving Day Run. runLawrence hosts the run each year to celebrate physical activity and raise money for local running programs.

Photo of the Tower of Americas.Feb 3

From the San Antonio CFF Tower Climb on Feb 1 - "This race kicked my butt. Ran a strong mile 6:11 (5th) then hit the stair well.....ouch. It was a long way down. 9:31It was fun, going back next year." - Keith Dowell

The competition is a 1 mile run followed by a run up the 952 steps of the Tower of the Americas.

M50-59     full results
Pl Ovrl Name Run
(1 Mi)
Pace Total
1 9 Edmund C CURRAN 6:42 8:16 63.68 stair/min 14:58
2 14 Orlando GONZALES 6:30 8:51 62.09 stair/min 15:21
3 23 Keith DOWELL 6:11 9:31 60.77 stair/min 15:41

Photo of LaRisa Chambers-Lochner at the New Orleans RocknRoll Half.And from the New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon on Sun, Feb 2, LaRisa Chambers-Lochner (right) posted a 1:59:44.

Feb 1

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, so the runLawrence club meeting will be the following Sunday, Feb 9. 4:30 pm at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.



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