March 2015 News

Mar 28

Photo of the start of the Rebel 5K Run on March 28, 2015.

Photos from the Rebel 5K Run this morning at the Clinton Lake Softball Complex. Results

Mar 24

Photo of Bill Kinnersley and Keith Dowell at their March races.

Recent results: Bill Kinnersley (left) took 2nd in the M70 category at the Whiskey Run 5K in KC on Mar 15. Stair climbing ace Keith Dowell (right) won the M60-64 race at the Des Moines Fight for Air Stair Climb on Mar 22.

Mar 20

Great Britain has one of the world's strongest—and oldest—traditions of mountain running, or fell running, as the sport is called in that country. In this video from Salomon TV, Rickey Gates, a contributing editor with Trail Runner,heads to the epicenter of English fell running, the Lake District. There, he runs with some of Great Britain's top runners and talks to legends of the fells like Joss Naylor, Billy Bland and Kenny Stuart.

Mar 19

The Run for Life 10 Mile is back in Topeka on Apr 4th after not being held in 2014. Dave Halferty is helping as the race director.

Today's Throwback Thursday events focus on the 10 mile runs from 2001 and 2002 (then called the Winnie Hesse Memorial Run for the Heart).

Mar 14

The Lawrence Trail Hawks have been celebrating Pi Day for several years. This year was the special date for the century: Mar 14, 2015 (as in 3.14.15) also being on a Saturday. The more precise pi number could have been celebrated at 9:26 am (3.14.15926...) but runners were already out on the course. The Trail Hawk tradition is the 13.1 mile river rotation run (out-and-back loops on the river trails along with a Pi Mile (3.1 miles). The local traditions is followed by eating pies along with the top finishers getting pie plates. Photos (by Kristi Mayo, Mile 90 Photography)

Link to photos from the Pi Day River Rotation races in Lawrence, Kansas.

Mar 12

Wonder if the Trail Running Film Festival will be coming to the Midwest this fall?

Mar 9

Photo of Elisa Forti.At 80 years of age, Elisa Forti crossed the finish line of ‘El Cruce’ earlier last month. She had run for three days, crossing from Argentina to Chile, through the Andes mountains.

This arresting image was taken shorty after. It captures that familiar cocktail of relief, exhaustion, and endorphins just beginning to take a grip on the body. The feeling of having given a race everything. Or just, more simply, a feeling of being alive. more (Matthew Maynard, 2/25/14, Ultrarunning Magazine)

Mar 7

Scenes from the Shamrock Shuffle on the river levee in north Lawrence this morning. Results

Link to photos from the 2015 Shamrock Shuffle.

Mar 5

This Sat, Mar 7 is the 26th Annual Shamrock Shuffle - a 5K and a 10K this year. Weather looks great for a run on the levee. Today's Throwback Thur offering are the results from the 2002 Shamrock Shuffle. "Erin go Bragh" at Johnny's.

Mar 4

Photo of Mary Cain.Mary Cain Is Growing Up Fast: . . . The 800 is a crushing race. Runners go out hard, then try to hang on to the pace in a showcase of will. Through the first six and a half laps of that eight-lap relay, the announcer called the event gamely, like a horse race — “Bishop Guertin! Bronxville! Achilles!” — playing up the tension, implying that anybody could win. But shortly after Cain [a 15 year old freshman] took the baton, the race became disorienting. Everybody was running one speed and Cain — eyes down, body tilted forward — was running at another. Like watching a turntable with one record spinning at 33⅓ r.p.m. and another at 45 r.p.m., it scrambled the brain. Cain completed her first lap in 58 seconds, only half a second slower than Roger Bannister ran his first lap at Oxford on May 6, 1954, when he became the first man to break the four-minute mile. The announcer, flabbergasted, began shouting: “Bronxville! Mary Cain! Bronxville! Mary Cain!” at irregular intervals. She ran her 800 meters in 2:03.74. more (Elizabeth Weil, New York Times, Mar 4, 2015)

Mar 2

If you liked "McFarland, USA", you might want to check out "The Long Run" from the Lawrence Public Library. It's a feature film about the Comrades 90K race in South Africa. Familiar theme a fallen coach discovering new talent, but edgier than McFarland with great views of the race course and South Africa in 1999.

Mar 1

Born to Run Originals: Matthew McConaughey Great Choice to Bring Bestseller to Big Screen. more (Feb 4, 2015 Trail Runner article)

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