July 2016 News

July 25

The female winner from this year's Western States 100, Kaci Lickteig (Omaha NE) came back to Wyandotte County Lake where she ran her first ultra race in 2012. She was the overall winner at this year's Psycho Psummer 50K Trail Race. Her 4:23:25 time was 49 minutes faster than the 2nd place finisher. More photos available at Mile 90 Photography.

Photo of Kaci Lickteig winning the July 23, 2016 Psycho Psummer 50K.

July 21

Four surprising trends from Running USA's May 6th report.

  1. The industry's pace is slowing
    (It might pay off to plan a slightly more modest budget for upcoming races.)
  2. There are more race choices than ever before
    (Better have smart marketing, smooth race registration, and a stellar race experience.)
  3. The most popular races go the distance
    5Ks most popular, then half-marathons, then 10Ks; decline in obstacle race attendance.)
  4. 25-44 year olds are the most active runners.


July 14

Lunch wirth Jeff Galloway.

Part of the lunch group with Jeff Galloway in town for the weekend to to lead a Run/Walk Training Clinic. The group got to see the new Ad Astra Running store on Massachusetts Street. Front row: Sabrena Jo (local certified health trainer), Paul Wagner (Sunflower Striders), J. Jenkins (co-owner of Ad Astra Running).
2nd row: Gene Wee (runLawrence), Albert Gipp (Haskell/Mini Mocs coach), John Blaser (KC Smoke), Eladio Valdez (The Runners Edge Training Program), Jeff Galloway, Ben Holmes (KC Trail Nerds) and Laura Koster (Lawrence HS cross country coach). Not pictured: Garry Gribble, Gary Henry and Grant Catloth.

July 10

July 9

Recap by Pod Snake, aka Todd Chandler, of the fun 10-mile race hosted by the Lawrence Trail Hawks and directed by Gary Henry and Benita Jones. "The weather was humid, but the course was beautiful, and the people were awesome!"

July 5

Two outstanding results with local ties:

1. Winner in this year's women's race at the Western States 100 was Omaha's Kaci Lickteig. Her 17:57:59 was almost an hour faster than 2nd place Amy Sposton. In 2012, Kaci entered her first ultra at the Psycho Wyco 50K at Wyandotte County Lake. In the photo she's standing with race director Ben Holmes. | Her blog on that first race. | IRunFar.com report |

(left) Kaci Lickteig and Ben Holmes; (right) Randy Wasinger.

2. In a close race, KC Smokes' Randy Wasinger finished second at the Olympic Track and Field Trials Masters 1500 July 3rd. Randy's time was 3:58.30 to winner Neville Davey's 3:57.67. 1500m photos

July 2

If you've been looking up race results in the Wichita area on Go Race Tiiming or Oz Endurance, you now go to Timer Guys. Here's the info from co-owner Trevor Darmstetter.

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