September 2016 News

Sept 30

High School cross country along the lake shore at the Perry-Lecompton Invitational Thur, Sept 29. more photos

Sept 25

Sep 24

Scenes from the Lawrence 5K & Family Fun Day to benefit the Alzheimer's Association this morning at Rock Chalk Park. Evan Gray (lower left, Valparaiso, IN) was the male winner. Misty Green (upper right, Shawnee KS) was the female winner.


Sep 23

Photo of Ed Temple.

Ed Temple, the former Tennessee State track and field coach who led the U.S. women's team to 15 Olympic gold medals and helped break down racial and gender barriers in the sport, died Thursday night. He was 89. more

Sep 20

Photo of Ben Holmes and Greg Burger.

Trail Nerds (noun): Persons (or mammals) living within the Kansas City metropolitan area and environs who avoid roads of all kinds. They run throughout the woods, up and down hilly, rocky trails day and night, winter through summer. They run everyday, including weekends, volunteer when they can, and drink beer after every finish line.

They are of the ultrarunning species and their population is growing each year.

The Trail Nerds make up one of the largest trail running groups in the U.S., with more than 4,000 people on their Facebook site. The group originates in 2001, when Bad Ben Holmes trekked into town. more (Sept 20, 2016 by , from WeRunFar; Mile90 Photography. Ben lives in Lawrence.)

Sep 19

Karl Meltzer.At a time when “endurance running” no longer means mere marathons — and even 100-mile races are attracting the masses — Karl Meltzer, a former ski-resort bartender, has proved he can suffer longer and faster than almost anyone else.

When he staggered onto Springer Mountain in Georgia before dawn Sunday, Meltzer set a record for completing the Appalachian Trail. He covered the 2,190 miles over 14 states in 45 days 22 hours 38 minutes. more (by Lindsay Crouse, New York Times)

Sep 18

Photo of Cindy Cameron.A note from Bill Kinnersley: ... and then we have Cindy Cameron (Westwood, KS), who yesterday won her age group at yesterday's Helen Gold 5K (21:25), then jumped in her car and drove to Topeka, where she won her age group in the Kansas Senior Games (21:12)!
Photos from Senior Games

Two more reports from Bill on recent races: The Rexy Run and the Chargers Challenge.

Sep 12

The the male winner in the Plaza 10K yesterday was Evan Landes from Lawrence. Kimi Reed of Springfield MO won the women's 10K. all results | more photos

Sep 11

Sponsored by the Lawrence Trail Hawks, the Hawk Hundred is a race with about 150 runners. The sixth annual running of it in Sept 2016 was on the alternate rain course. Here's my recap of the race from a 50 miler perspective and a celebration of my first 50 miler! - Todd Chandler | results |

Sep 4

I used to run with a guy who was unhappy with the way his performance had deteriorated over the years. In his early 20s, he said, he had been super-fast. A couple of decades later and about 20 pounds heavier, he had lost that amazing speed.

Too many miles on the tires,” he would say. His idea was that if you start racing when you are young, you will be worse in middle age than if you started fresh when you were older. more (by May 14, 2012)

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