run Lawrence

August 7, 2005 Meeting Minutes

Our August meeting was well attended with approximately a dozen members present.

Duane Peterson of the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department was our guest. We had a fruitful discussion regarding cooperation between runLawrence and the Lawrence Parks & Rec Department. It was agreed that with a combined effort, we will be able to put on bigger and better quality road runs in Lawrence. Our first cooperative effort will be the spring 2006 Dam Run. Discussion included changing the 10K course to a 12K course as there apparently is no certified 12K course in Kansas. We would retain the 5K option. In order to avoid conflict with other local races, it was determined that March 25, 2006 would be the best date for this event. Details need to be finalized by December so the event can be published in the Spring Parks & Rec Activities publication. Duane Peterson indicated his willingness to attend a future club meeting when we can finalize details. We appreciate Duane taking time from his busy schedule to attend our meeting and we look forward to an enjoyable and productive relationship with Lawrence Parks & rec.

Molly Wood, treasurer, announced a balance of approximately $400.00. The club recently purchased a second Seiko Stopwatch timer (with the large paper roll adapter) and has paid Randy Breeden for his work on our logo design.

Greg Burger has announced that the club will receive approximately $300 for assisting with the run course of the Midwest Mayhem triathlon at Lone Star Lake in July. Several club members volunteered as course marshals and aid station workers.

The new logo was unveiled and everyone seemed pleased with the design. Discussion was held regarding ordering club clothing with the logo. We will be checking out some local sources as well as on-line sources and hope to be able to take orders at the next club meeting. Please give us input as to what particular articles (singlets, jog bras, shorts, jackets) you would be interested in purchasing.

Gene Wee has put considerable time and effort into the club website and has set up as the new web page domain name and signed up with Bluehost as the web server.

An updated membership application has been created and we will soon have a new, attractive brochure which can be distributed at sporting good outlets, fitness centers, area races, etc.

We started planning for our Thanksgiving Day run. Volunteers so far include Celeste Leonardi who will head up the results area, Molly Wood who will be in charge of registration, and Becky McClure who will take care of the finish line. We need volunteers to handle route selection, measurement and marking; aid station & course marshals; refreshment procurement with pick-up & delivery to the race site; award selection & procurement, etc. Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know which area you would like to volunteer in. The consensus was that we would like to provide a good quality head band in lieu of a t-shirt. This would be imprinted with the runLawrence logo.

Several of our club members have taken some very interesting trips this summer and most continued with their running while on vacation. They are encouraged to write up their exploits, both running and otherwise, and submit them to our newsletter editor, Janet Huchingson, for publication in the October issue of SECOND WIND.

I am sorry to report that one of our club members from Topeka has had an accident in which he injured his knee rather severely. Kelly Ernst, whom some of you met at last year's Thanksgiving Day run and with whom I run several times a week in Topeka, suffered tendon tears and will likely be undergoing surgery next week. Please keep him in your thoughts and Kelly, we hope you are back running soon!

Our last matter was to recruit some volunteers to help at the finish line for the upcoming Crosstown Unity Run and several members volunteered.

If anyone has an idea for our next club social event (which can include a run or not), please notify me and I will spread the word.

Respectfully submitted,

Dee Boeck, President