Club Minutes  July 2005 Meeting Minutes

There was a good turnout as usual for our monthly meeting - especially considering the holiday weekend.

Molly Wood reports approximately $1200 in our treasury, with an outstanding bill to Janet Huchingson for newsletter expenses and one $30.00 deposit for finish line equipment rental.

It was agreed that the club will purchase another Seiko timer as we have only one and two are really necessary for any race.  Dee will take care of making that purchase.

Janet Huchingson distributed the 2nd issue of Second Wind and has once again done an outstanding job as newsletter editor.  Janet encourages members to contribute articles on any running subjects whatsoever.

Dee will contact Duane Peterson from Parks & Rec and let him know that we are indeed interested in collaborative efforts with the City in putting on runs.  Our first joint effort will be the Dam Run in April of 2006.  Ed Payne suggested including a 12K distance in that event as there is no certified 12K in Kansas at present.

It was also noted that there is an Adidas representative moving to town in light of the commitment of the KU Athletic Department to use Adidas sports equipment for all their athletic teams.  She is a runner and we will cordially invite her to become a part of runLawrence.

The person who has been retained to work on our club logo does not yet have anything for us to look at, but we expect something in the near future.

There was a good turnout at the club picnic at Gene & Dee's house on June 26.  Anyone who has a suggestion for our next club social event, please let us know!

Several club members participated in the July 4 races in Lenexa and nearly all brought back some hardware!  Check results for club members' times & places.

Arrangements were discussed for carpooling to several upcoming races including the CPA cross-country run in Eudora and the Sunflower State Games runs in Topeka - both unfortunately on the same day - July 16.  Then there is the Cancer Action 5K in KC on July 23.  We expect to have club representation at all three of these events.

Please be thinking about the Thanksgiving Day run which we will put on again this fall.

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck

And special note:

July 26:  Hello all, Thank you for all the help at the triathlon on Sunday. Despite the heat all the triathletes survived in good health....We could not have done it without all you guys volunteering....Some of you may have heard but this turned out to be a great fund raiser for the club....I was informed on Saturday that I would be paid between $300-$500 dollars for being run director....Well, of course I could not have done

this without all of your guys help so the money will be going to the club....Good work guys....I will try to stay involved with this event on a yearly basis and we can use this as a great fund raiser every year...Next year I hope we can get more people to help so we can have a water station at every mile on the long course.....Again Thank you on behalf of KLM Marketing and the triatheletes!!!!!!                         Greg Burger