Club Minutes  June 2005 Meeting Minutes

Molly Wood, Treasurer, announced that the club has approximately $1,100.00 in its account.  Molly announced that about 2/3 of the membership have renewed.  Those who have not will still receive the next newsletter with a reminder that their memberships are overdue.   With the discounts offered at Francis Sporting Goods and at Gary Gribble Running Sports, the purchase of a pair or two or running shoes will pay for your membership!

Dee Boeck reported that we have a graphic artist who has agreed to submit some designs for consideration for our club logo.  These should be ready for our consideration within a week.  Options will be e-mailed to members for input.  Ed Payne volunteered to research options as far as getting clothing and other items imprinted and/or embroidered with our new logo.  We hope to look over options and be ready to place some orders by our July 3 meeting.

It was announced that Lawrence Parks & Rec has requested our club's involvement in their spring Dam Run for 2006.  It was agreed that we would like to cooperate with them in this venture.  Dee will contact Duane Peterson, Parks & Rec race coordinator,  indicate our willingness to be involved and  invite him to our next meeting so details can be worked out.  It was suggested that, as there is no certified 12K race in Kansas,  we try to incorporate a certified 12K race as part of the Dam Run.

We also agreed that runLawrence will again put on a Thanksgiving Day run.  It was noted that last year's event on the levee was fine; however, if we get more than the 110 participants we had last year, we will need to change the course due to congestion on the narrow levee.  It was suggested we consider running the race down Massachusetts Street downtown.  If we can convince Parks & Rec to be involved in this event, it might make it easier to get permission to use the downtown streets.  We can also discuss this when Duane Peterson of Parks & Rec attends our next meeting.  It was recommended that members begin to obtain sponsors for our T-Day run.  Starbucks was mentioned as one possibility.

Janet & John Huchingson collected data from members present  for the next issue of Second Wind.   Janet is preparing articles on favorite running routes, pre-and post-race eating habits,  and  experiences members have had with podiatrists and/or orthotics.   Be sure to contact Janet or John if you have anything you can add on these topics and any other information you would like to see in the newsletter.

Several members have participated in area races including the Amy Thompson Memorial Day Run and the Hospital Hill Run.  We have had good-sized groups carpooling to these races and I think everyone agrees it is a lot of fun to go to these events in a group.  Race results will also be reported in the newsletter, so be sure to contact Janet with your race results.

The last order of business was to schedule a club picnic.  Dee & Gene volunteered to have the picnic at their house and it is scheduled for Sunday, June 26 at 5 p.m.  It will be a potluck affair - please call Dee or Gene at 841-3587 so that we have a good variety of  dishes.  Paper goods, plastic utensils, and drinks will be provided.