October 30, 2005
runLawrence Meeting Minutes

The Treasurer's report was given by Molly Wood with the club showing a balance of $1715.14.  There is quite a bit of activity in the treasury with the purchase of club clothing, income from finish line equipment rental, and expenses being submitted for the Thanksgiving Day race.  Greg Burger announced that a second deposit of $200 will be made shortly from the club's volunteer efforts at the Lone Star Triathlon this past summer.

It was announced that the club has received its RRCA membership renewal forms and these will be submitted by the end of the year.  All club members will receive the quarterly Foot Notes publication this year.  Cost to the club for membership fee and insurance coverage for its events will be $325.00.  It was also noted that club dues are due at the end of the year.

We will need to hold an election of officers at our December meeting.  Members should consider running for office or nominating someone.

New prospective member Stacy Qandil was welcomed to the meeting.  Club newsletter editor Janet Huchingson told the club that her husband John's recovery from a second shoulder surgery has been complicated, possibly due to an allergic reaction to interior stitches.  We wish John a speedy recovery and hope he will be back running with us soon.

The balance of the meeting was devoted to discussion of details of the upcoming Thanksgiving Day 5K.  Good progress has been made in all areas of  the planning.

Ed Payne, Greg Burger and Gene Wee have consulted and have done a good job of laying out a course, which will allow us to have a wider start area on the city street before funneling onto the levee.  They also have an all-street option if it happens to be icy or slushy on the levee.  They are in charge of course marking and marshal assignment on race day.

The socks, which will be given to all runners, are already in.  The awards are mostly finished and will be picked up from the artist next week.

Packet pick-up on Wednesday, November 23 from 3-6 p.m. at Francis Sporting Goods will be handled by Fran and Dan Breslauer and Dee Boeck.

Day of race registration and packet pick-up will be headed up by Molly Wood.

Finish line set-up and timing will be headed up by Becky McClure.

Aid station set up and management will be by John McClure and Tammy and Larry Spray.  The club has 525 cups available for use at the event.

Results tabulation and posting will be in the capable hands of Celeste Leonardi and Bob Woods.

Sharif An-Rahman volunteered to obtain a PA system to use for announcements, music and award presentation.

We need a volunteer to be in charge of the food race day morning - i.e. putting it out on the tables, cutting fruit, etc.

We also need someone to take charge of the awards on race day, unpacking them and putting them out on the table and assisting in handing them out to winners at the awards ceremony.

The next club meeting will be on Sunday, November 13 at 4 p.m. in the basement conference area of LMH.  This meeting will be an opportunity for all committee heads to let us know if they have an adequate number of volunteers for their areas and if not, to make additional work assignments at needed.  Also, volunteers who do not yet have a work assignment are urged to attend that meeting to receive an assignment and any training necessary.   If you wish to volunteer but do not yet have a work assignment nor can you attend the Nov. 13 meeting, please contact me for a job!

Another work session will be scheduled in the week prior to the race to bake the turkey-shaped cookies and to process applications already received, make up results posting boards, etc.  Molly Wood has volunteered her house for that work session.  So, even if you plan to enter the race, you can still help out with preparations ahead of time.

Following drawings for some donated door prizes, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by,

Dee Boeck, President