Club Minutes: Oct 2, 2005 Meeting

Approximately 14 club members attended this meeting.  The first order of business was to welcome new members Camille Wheeler, Amy Forsythe and Jim, Julie & Mitch Colahan.

Celeste Leonardi presented the treasurer's report with a balance of $640.00.  Greg Burger presented the treasurer with a check for $200, which represents partial payment for the club's assistance with the triathlon this summer.  The only expenses incurred recently were for printing entry forms for the Thanksgiving Day 5K.

Club members examined the samples of clothing items available and gave their orders.  This order will be turned in to Francis Sporting Goods later this week.  Anyone who wishes to order clothing but has not yet done so, please contact Dee or Gene in the next two days.

Details of the upcoming Thanksgiving Day 5K were discussed.  Members were given supplies of entry forms to distribute.   Ed Payne, Greg Burger and Gene Wee will be in charge of selecting, measuring and marking the course.  It was decided we would start the race on the city streets rather than on the levee in order to accommodate a larger group of runners.  The finish will be on the levee close to last year's finish.

It has been decided to give all runners a good quality pair of running socks with their registration.  These will be purchased at a discount through Francis Sporting Goods.  Francis is also providing gift certificates for our overall winners.

Molly Wood will be in charge of registration - both pre-registrants and day-of-race registrations.  Becky McClure will be in charge of the finish line.  Celeste Leonardi and Bob Woods will be in charge of results.  We need volunteers to be in charge of

If you want to volunteer but have no preference at to which job you do, please let us know that and we will assign a job to you.  Don & Lori Cackler and Karen Hyde have already informed me they are available where needed.

Karen Braman and Greg Burger have arranged for donations of fruit, drinks and bread items.  They will pick up the donations and make sure they are delivered to the race site.  Cookie makers are on the lookout for an appropriate cookie recipe and a cookie baking session will be scheduled.

The club membership list was passed around and updated where needed; we have approximately 30 paid members - the vast majority of whom are very actively involved in the club!

Ed Payne brought up the need for the Lawrence running community to have a new large digital display clock.  The cost of this would be close to $3,000.  It was noted that this is the next item on the club's purchase list; however, the cost is prohibitive for the club to purchase at this time.  It was suggested that Ed contact Duane Peterson of the city Parks & Rec Department, as a joint purchase was recently discussed.  Ed also indicated that he and some other club members would be willing to loan the club money for this purchase so that we can obtain the clock as soon as possible.  The club agreed that Ed should pursue this and that we do wish to obtain this equipment ASAP.  It was also suggested that club members make any contacts they can to get sponsors to make donations toward this purchase.

Our newsletter editors, Janet & John Huchingson, were unable to be present but asked that club members submit articles ASAP as the next issue should be out within a month.  I know many club members have taken some interesting trips which have included running recently, and I hope to read all about them in the next issue of The Second Wind.

Submitted by,

Dee Boeck, President