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Meeting Minutes, Dec 3, 2006

The first agenda item was a recap of the Thanksgiving Day 5K. It was agreed that the 5K this year was a big success. Good weather, good publicity via the website, good reputation from previous year’s race and other reasons all contributed to another doubling of entrants – just over 400. A rough estimate of profit for the club from this run is given at $2,300.00. Nearly all active club members were involved in volunteering for this event. It was noted that this will be the last year we do results by hand and we will be seeking the best option for electronic timing for next year. It was decided that we will use some of our money to purchase other items needed for races, i.e. pace indicator signs, mile indicator signs, directional signs, a start banner, etc. Members listed several ways in which the run could be improved, including a PA system to have music playing at the start/finish area, eliminating parking right near the start area, etc. All suggestions are recorded and will be taking into consideration for future runs. It was discussed that the current facility, the Visitors Center, will be too small if the race grows to more than 400 runners. The use of Woodlawn School was suggested and that possibility will be investigated. The possibility of a partnership with the students at Woodlawn was also discussed and will be pursued.

It was noted that the run received much favorable publicity both on TV and in print. It was suggested that we start a club notebook to archive all such publicity that the club receives. John nominated Janet Huchingson for the position of club historian as well as her current title of newsletter editor. All agreed with that nomination.

Don Cackler was nominated and seconded for the office of President. All other current office holders will retain their offices.

Members were reminded that, with the exception of a couple new members, all memberships expire at the end of the year. Please submit your membership renewal dues as soon as possible.

If someone would like to volunteer to host a New Year’s Day morning run and pot luck, please let us know as soon as possible. The Huchingsons will be out of town this year on that date and so cannot host it.

We look forward to hearing from at least three of our club members who are traveling to Las Vegas to run the marathon or half marathon next week. Several club members are also planning to run the Topeka to Auburn half in January. Please get in touch if you are interested in joining training runs for that event and/or for carpooling to the race.

There was discussion on types of “cleats” or “grippers” that can be purchased to enable runners to more easily run outdoors in the icy conditions we have had the past week.

That goes to show just how dedicated many of us are!

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck