February 5, 2006
runLawrence Meeting Minutes

There was a relatively small attendance at our February meeting, possibly partially due to the conflict with the Super Bowl! Several members e-mailed items of business, however, and these were discussed first.

Molly Wood reported a balance in the treasury of $3,047.70. There were additional donations turned in and Ed Payne will be ordering our new digital display timing clock very soon. We will send out thank you notes to all those clubs, businesses and individuals who have made this purchase possible.

Christy Terry attended the meeting. She voiced an interest in running with a group early in the morning on weekdays. She is interested in running a distance of 2 or 3 miles at a moderate/easy pace. It was noted that we have had quite a bit of interest expressed similar to Christy's and there is a need for someone to take charge of a regular early morning weekday run for beginners or those who have been away from running for a while and are wanting to get started again. Anyone who can reliably lead such a group should contact me as soon as possible to meet this growing demand. Until then, of course, new runners are urged to join one of our already established groups and accommodations will be made to meet your needs.

Greg Burger was unable to attend, but did send notice that he will again direct the run portion of the Lone Star Triathlon this summer and runLawrence will earn money based on the number of volunteers to work the run portion of the event.

Ed Payne, with some bicycle-riding assistance from Gene Wee and Dee Boeck, has spent numerous hours (days) working on selecting, measuring and certifying the 12K Dam Run route. Ed announced that all that remains is the paperwork and he plans on having that in the mail within a week.

Molly Wood and Dee Boeck met with Parks & Rec Director, Duane Peterson, and went over all the Dam Run race organization responsibilities. RunLawrence is assisting with obtaining food donations and will have the main responsibility for the finish line and results areas on race day. We will provide the finish line chute and the timing equipment. We are committed to have at least 10 volunteers on race day, and of course more would be great. We especially need volunteers with finish line and/or results tabulation experience; however, we can train any volunteers. We will also assist with course marshaling as needed. We have 5 or 6 club members who have already volunteered. The date of this event is Saturday, March 25.

Janet and Jane Huchingson indicated they could not make the meeting but asked that I ask club members whether just an on-line newsletter, accessed through our website, would be adequate, as opposed to mailing out a hard copy. It was agreed that we would mail a hard copy only to those who specifically request one. Please remember to write up your running experiences and send them on to Janet & Jane for our newsletter, Second Wind. These personal experiences of both brand new and veteran runners really make a newsletter interesting.

Plans were finalized for the Brew-to-Brew team. We agreed to request a 7 a.m. start time. The entry form will be mailed in this week.

If you are interested in traveling to Lincoln for the Marathon or Half Marathon on May 7, please contact me. There will be at least three of us going and we will be making reservations at the Cornhusker Hotel near the start/finish area.

We have not had a club social event for some time and anyone who would like to plan one, please do so!

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck