January 8, 2006
runLawrence Meeting Minutes

The January meeting was held one week later than normal, on January 8, due to New Years day falling on the 1st Sunday of the month.

There was a good attendance at the meeting, with several new members or interested persons present.

Molly Wood gave the treasurer's report and indicated a balance of $2,578.92 with no outstanding bills. The club made money on its Thanksgiving Day run as well as taking in donations towards the purchase of a large digital display timing clock.

Ed Payne announced good progress in his efforts to solicit funds for the timing clock. Dee Boeck will gather information from other area running groups as to appropriate rental and event consultant fees to charge for club services once we obtain the clock.

A citizen who sits on the board of a local non-profit organization indicated to the club that he is interested in putting on a race, probably a 1/2 marathon, to benefit his organization. He indicated his desire to put on the race this fall. Club members advised him of the various expenses incurred in putting on a good quality race and the need to allow adequate planning time to put on a quality event. He will do some more research and report to his board and get back with us.

The next item on the agenda was the Dam Run which will be a cooperative effort between runLawrence and Parks and Rec. on March 25. Ed Payne and Gene Wee have been researching possible routes for the 5K and 12K events. They will meet with Duane Peterson of Parks and Rec this week to finalize the routes. The certification process for the 12K will then proceed. Dee Boeck and Molly Wood will also be meeting with Duane Peterson to finalize the financial aspects of the run. All club members are urged to spread the word about this race by taking entry forms to other races and/or volunteering to distribute entry forms around town.

Heather Krase-Minnick and Becky McClure reported on the application for a Moving Comfort grant. They are reviewing the application form and obtaining copies of other successful applications. There was discussion as to just how to gear the grant proposal to our efforts in supporting beginner women runners.

All club members interested in ordering club clothing should contact Gene Wee and as soon as we have 12 items we can place another order. We would like to place the next order by mid-February to ensure that our club members will have matching club clothing to wear to upcoming races such as the Brew-to-Brew team relay.

All five members of the women's age-adjusted first place winning team from last year's Brew-to-Brew Relay have indicated they want to defend their title this year. Any other club members who would like to be on a Brew-to-Brew Relay team, please contact Gene Wee and we can form another team.

Car-pooling plans were announced for the Topeka to Auburn 1/2 marathon on Jan 21 and to the Groundhog Run on Jan 29. Please contact Dee Boeck if you want to car pool to any upcoming race.

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck