July 2, 2006
Meeting Minutes

There was a good meeting turnout, considering the long holiday weekend. It was reported that our Treasurer was out sick, however, the club balance remains at approximately $670.00

There is a fund-raising opportunity for club members on Sunday, July 23 at Lone Star Lake. This is the Midwest Mayhem Triathlon. Club volunteers will work as aid station workers or course marshals again this year. Several club members worked at this event last year and found it to be an enjoyable experience in addition to a good fundraiser for the club. Please see details on the runLawrence website and contact Greg Burger if you can volunteer. It will be a commitment of approximately 4 hours of time that morning. Greg is also assisting with the run portion of the Midwest Mudders Triathlon at Clinton Lake on Sunday, July 16 and club member volunteers can earn money for the club at that event as well.

There was a short discussion about planning for our annual Thanksgiving Day 5K. Dee will contact the City of Lawrence to make sure the visitor’s depot will be available as race day headquarters. Dee also will check into some unique medals that could possibly be used as awards. Club members are urged to be on constant lookout for potential sponsors for this event. It would be good to get a major sponsor lined up prior to the start of the KU fall semester when all the student groups are hitting up local businesses.

We would like to encourage all new or returning runners to join the Wednesday morning group. We plan to offer a special class of approximately 6 weeks duration which will culminate with participation in the Thanksgiving Day 5K. Please spread the word about this class and it will be open to non-club members as well as members. There will be no fee for this class and those signing up for and participating in the training sessions will be given a discount on the run fee.

There was some concern expressed by a club member about feeling uncomfortable with her name, phone number, time & location of her runs published on-line, and some details will be removed from the website. If anyone else has similar concerns, please contact Gene.

Ellen Young was present at the meeting to request the assistance of runLawrence with finish & timing at the Red Dog Boys and Girls Club Run to be held in August. It was explained to her what the club could offer and she will check back with the race organization and then get back with us to finalize arrangements.

Janet announced that she has some articles submitted for the next issue of Second Wind, including an exclusive interview with the winner of the female age division 50-55 at this year’s Boston Marathon which promises to be very interesting. Anyone with additional stories about recent races, trips, training tips, injuries, progress of beginning runners, encounters with mountain lions, etc, please forward them to Janet Huchingson within the next month.

Gene & Dee reported on a visit to the home of Raul Flores in Kansas City. He and his wife have started a business called RaceDay Timing Solutions. This is a chip-based electronic timing system and it appears the Flores’s have done their homework and have a good product to offer the running community.

We also need a volunteer to plan our next social event – whether it be a potluck in a park, a group trip to a buffet in town, or a back yard cook-out.

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck