photo of Ken Johnson. photo of Coco Tieghi and Keith Dowell

run Lawrence logo   2007 Hospital Hill: at Figlio's (gmw) ; Ken Johnson, Coco Tieghi & Keith Dowell (Dick Ross photos)

Meeting Minutes, June 3, 2007

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 p.m.

1. Treasurer's report - Don Cackler said the balance had not changed from the last meeting as far as he knows. [April statement shows a balance of $4,177 - Molly Wood]

2. Review/recap recent races

  • John Huchingson won his division of Hospital Hill 5K 5 minutes ahead
    of the second place finisher.  John's time was 30 seconds faster than
    his PR; 23:19.  He attributed his success to a focus on interval
  • Dee Boeck was third in her division of the half-marathon.
  • Greg Burger completed his first 100K at the end of April.  He attempted to run rim to rim at the Grand Canyon and covered 34 of the 47 miles.
  • Ed Payne will help certify the Holton 5K next week.
  • Steve Riley's anticipated Joplin race was weather delayed, making it not
    possible for him to reschedule.  He enjoyed the Wichita River Run.  It
    was a large race with 1500 5K finishers.
  • Ellen Young finished second in her division in the Kansas City Mother's Day
    Run.  She ran in the Lincoln half-marathon.

3. Update on upcoming races:

  • Tonganoxie Library Run is next Saturday June 9th.
  • There is a 10 mile trail run at Perry Lake the same day.
  • Ellen reviewed the Dog Days schedule with the club.  She explained that parking is limited, that participants must sign a waiver and that entry into the stadium is at gates 31 and 32.  
  • Lara Burger said the Veritas July 4th Eagle 5K run will not be this summer. The route has a bridge newly under construction.
  • Steve said the Cross Town Unity  Run will have a 5 mile and a 2 mile route.  Chip Anderson and Steve Hufferman are directing the race this year.  It will be the first Saturday in August.  The web site has not been updated.
  • The Boy's and Girl's Club run will be August 11th.  They will need the clock and finish line volunteers.

4. Planning for Thanksgiving Day 5K. - There was much discussion following review of Gene Wee's handouts.  Some of those ideas included:

  • Describe parking alternatives on the website
  • Consider a cut-off date for guaranteed shirt
  • Starting the run at the 11th Street Community building
  • Start the run at the Lied Center
  • Consider a published date/time for registration to close
  • Charge a fee to re-order shirts for late registrants who want one
  • Consider offering more cash prizes
  • Offer a master's prize
  • See if the former owner of Midwest Graphics (Ed knows him) could
    give a special price for the shirts
  • Ed shared the molded turkeys he made that could be used as awards.
    He said a ribbon loop could be attached during the molding process

The next runLawrence meeting date is Sunday, July 1st at 4:00.

Lori Cackler