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Meeting Minutes, Nov 4, 2007

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 p.m.

Members present: Nate R., Greg, Celeste, Stacy, Ellen, Karen H., Lori, Ed, Dee, Molly, Becky, Don and new member Yvette Alphonse.

Celeste chaired the meeting.

1. Thanksgiving Day Run—Dee gave an update.

1.1. Course marshals; Stacy needs more people. She made some specific assignments. Stacy will be out of the country just prior to the run. She will leave information with Dee and Gene. Members would like to borrow safety vests for the course marshals. Possible sources are FSHS cross-country and Red Dog.
1.2. Race Day Registration; Molly will chair. She currently has seven volunteers.
1.3. Sponsors; no new information, sponsors are in place.
1.4. Turkey cookies; the members present unanimously agreed to purchase cookies from HyVee for the runners.
1.5. Finish line workers; Dee, Celeste, and Stacy related their experience with Raul's chip system from the morning's race. They said the process consisted mainly of having people available to clip the chips off shoes and to support re-filing them in an orderly way. We decided to use registration and course marshal people to do that.
1.6. Any other details:

  • Dennis Anthony distributed day of the race packets last year. Karen H. said she could help with that task this year.
  • Dee gave paper entries to members to distribute.
  • Dee, Gene, Stacy and Lori will distribute packets from Francis Sporting Goods Wed. afternoon Nov. 21st from 3:00-6:00.
  • Janet H. will coordinate day of the race food, with the assistance of Greg, Don and other members obtaining it from Dillons, Hy-Vee, and Great Harvest. Greg wanted to check with the Merc for a possible food donation.
  • Becky will obtain volunteers to lead and conclude the race on bicycles. Shannon Hodges, Jill and Jill's children, John & Becky McClure will staff the aid station.
  • Gene has contacted LPD. Members suggested that course signs be posted the day before "event, no parking."
  • Dee is ordering port-a-johns from Anderson Rental.
  • There are 67 entries so far.

2. These officers were unanimously elected by voice vote of members present:

2.1. President, Ellen Young
2.2. Vice-president, Don Cackler
2.3. Treasurer, John Huchingson
2.4. Thanksgiving Day Run Coordinator Dee Boeck

3. Upcoming Runs were reviewed for the members by Celeste:

3.1. Nov. 17 Fields of Promise 5K
3.2. Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Day 5K
3.3. Nov. 24 Miracle on Kansas Ave. Rescue Run
3.4. Dec. 2 Clinton Cross Country Challenge
3.5. Jan. 19 Topeka to Auburn half-marathon

4. Other business

4.1. Dee shared a sample of the RCA fundraiser 2008 calendars. The club can sell them for $15.00 each. The club would get $10.00 of that amount, while RCA would receive $5.00. Members suggested giving renewing members a calendar. Those present asked Dee to order 50 of them. Membership dues are by calendar year; with funds due by January 2008.
4.2 Greg has spoken with Mark Hecker, Lawrence Superintendent of Parks and Maintenance. He wanted the club to consider helping to support the purchase of new markers for the levee at $50.00 per marker. Ed will get the current accurate measurements from Dick Lipsey with the intent of supporting the city in this endeavor. The current levee markers are not accurate. The members felt that re-marking would be a benefit to the running community.

Lori Cackler