Photo of the finish of the IronKids Triathlon. Photo from 2007 Quantrill's Run. Photo from2005 Girls Cross Country Race at Rimrock.

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Meeting Minutes, Sept 2, 2007

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 p.m.

  1. Treasurer's report:
  2. The club received $60.00 from the Red Dog Boys & Girls Club Run.
  3. FedEx/Kinko's printed our Thanksgiving Day run flyers for $90.00 and
    agreed to sponsor the race.
  4. Dennis Anthony is also a sponsor of the Thanksgiving Day run for $150.00.
  5. Report on past races: Greg updated the members regarding his recent race adventures.  He is currently in third place in his current series of races.
  6. Dee planned to run the Leawood race Sept. 3rd.
  7. Thanksgiving Day Run
  8. Sponsors: please see treasurer's report.  
    Dillons, Hy-Vee, Great Harvest, and rungirl, will be sponsors.  The Merc has not been confirmed.  Members would like a public announcement to be given acknowledging the sponsors on the day of the race.
  9. Medals;  Ellen brought examples from Jayhawk Trophy for the members to view.  The options included a basic medal for $2.50 with a .50 per line fee for the engraving on the back.  One sample had a mylar background for $4.00. There was a spinner-style medal as well.
    Neck ribbons in black or orange/brown were .75.  Red white and blue
    ribbons were .50.  The club will order 84 medals.
  10. Shirts; they will not be available until Wed morning on Nov 21.  The cost this year is $13. 45, and increase of $1.50. We will need volunteers to distribute shirts on race day for those who do not pick them up at Francis Sporting Goods the day prior.  Typically Fran and Dan Breslauer helped Dee distribute packets from 3:00-6:00 the day before Thanksgiving.  New volunteers are needed at Francis since the Breslauers moved out of state.
  11. Awards: there was no new information regarding this topic.
  12. Registration forms; Gene distributed forms to the members present.
  13. Other items discussed included:  
    1. Ed and Greg are course marshals and will take care of the bicycle which follows the last runner.  They need more course marshals to assist them.
    2. John McClure, Tammy Spray, and Shannon Hodges may man the first aid station again this year.
    3. We need volunteers to pick up food on Wednesday as well as members to set out the food on the race day.
    4. Dee and Celeste will do the depot setup on Wed, the day before.
    5. Ellen needs an assistant awards coordinator.  The club will also ask Dog Days for volunteers closer to Thanksgiving.
    6. We need to order port-a-potties from Anderson rental.
    7. We need to order safety pins from reliable racing supply.
    8. We would like two people to write results for back-up to the chip system.
    9. Volunteers who traditionally worked results can help collect chips in the corral.  Molly has coordinated registration and will need 4-5 assistants, Ellen volunteered to assist with this. We would like John Huchingson to consider
      being the race day announcer, using the PA Ed will set up.
    10. Gene will give finalized course information to LPD when Ed has finalized it.
    11. We agreed to contact the EMT/medical services as well.  We discussed the
      parking limitations.
    12. Johnny's is willing to allow parking in their lot.
  14. Upcoming races:
    1. Sun Sep 9 Mass Street Mile—runLawrence clock will be used
    2. Sat Sep 15 Clinton North Shore Trail Run
    3. Oct 7 Sandrat Trail Run
    4. Oct 13 Topeka half and 5K
    5. Oct 13 Jared Coones 5K
    6. Oct 20 KC marathon/half marathon
    7. Oct 27 WOW 5K
    8. Oct 27 KU Spirit Squad Run
    9. Nov. 3 Parks and Rec Turkey Trot
    10. Nov. 17 Fields of Promise 5K
    11. Thur Nov. 22 runLawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K
    12. Sun Dec 2 Clinton Cross Country Challenge
  15. Other items:
    1. Greg would like the levee to be certified.
    2. Because the City of Lawrence is cutting costs to meet a tight
      budget, it was suggested that they provide two free entries to
      runLawrence in exchange for the use of the clock at city-sponsored
    3. Club members should nominate new officers to begin serving in
      January 2008.

Lori Cackler