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   08 KU Relays men's open hurdles (gmw); Don & Lori Cackler; Mark Inbody at Psycho Wyco. (Dick Ross photos)

Meeting Minutes, Sep 7, 2008

4:00 p.m. - Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Conference Room

In attendance:  Ellen, Paul, Gene, Dee, Steve, Lori, and Don.  Matt
Marsaglia, invited guest.

  1. Treasurer's Report: The club balance is $5443.62.
  2. Thanksgiving Day Run Update:  Gene distributed entry forms for review. Sponsors have been confirmed. Dee would like volunteers to commit by the next meeting. Ellen has arranged with Mark to do the sound.  Ellen will forward some questions from Charlie Upton to Gene.  The cookie order will be for the same number as last year. The Visitors Center is reserved and paid for November 26 and 27.  Gene is arranging the levee permit.
  3. KU student, Matt Marsaglia, was introduced. He is interested in serving the homeless community of Lawrence with a running program. He was inspired by his work in the Chicago area and by a Philadelphia program entitled "Off Your Feet."  Two club members have expressed an interest, Elizabeth and Janet Huchingson.  Members discussed providing shoes for the runners, input from local shelter staff, participant interest, liability and logistics with Matt.  Dee suggested approaching the downtown firefighters as well as the Leo Program. Matt will make the contacts suggested
  4. KU Running Club:  Steve Lee, formerly active with the Lawrence Track Club, is the advisor.  The club has extended an open invitation to the KU club to attend runLawrence meetings and become involved in our activities. Gene
    has added a link to the club on the website.
  5. Jayhawk Jog 5K for Homecoming 2008 has sought advice from the club. Gene suggested using Kansas State University's homecoming 5K for a
    model. Other sources, such as RRCA, USATF and the Chicago Area Running Association were suggested.
  6. Lawrence Parks and Recreation Dam run March 28, 2009. Dee volunteered to coordinate volunteers.
  7. Lawrence Half Marathon.  Steve is looking for a title sponsor. If people are interested in the paid positions, they should contact Steve or Marcia.
  8. Ellen reported the Red Dog Boy's and Girls Club Run netted $30,000.  The
    proceeds of the run stay in the city to benefit children in every school in Lawrence.
  9. Ellen requested that club members provide a "wish list" to Garry Gribble regarding what types of races we would like to see in Lawrence.  Lists can be sent to Ellen at mustangellen@hotmail.com.
  10. There was a brief discussion of the KANBikeWalk. The group's mission is to lobby for safe walking, biking and running infrastructures in Kansas. The club will consider membership in this organization at a future meeting.
  11. Paul won the shirt drawing.
  12. Future races
    • 09/20 Cooper's Cause
    • 09/21 Pod Trod
    • 09/27 Rimrock Farm HS Classic
    • 10/05 Sandrat Trail Run
    • 10/11 WOW Run
    • 10/12Jayhawk Jog 5K (KU Homecoming)
    • 10/18 Waddell and Reed KC Marathon
    • 10/25 Clinton Fire Dept. Run

The meeting adjourned.

Lori Cackler