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Meeting Minutes, Aug 2, 2009

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 pm

Members present:  Becky McClure, Karen Hyde, Dee Boeck, Andy Norris, Ellen Young, Lori Cackler, Don Cackler, and Gene Wee.  Dee presided until Ellen arrived from work.

  1. Thanksgiving Day 5K update: 
    Dee has reserved and paid for the use of Woodlawn School.  The club will have access to the building both the day before and the day of the 5K for a fee of $225.  We can use the gym, the stage area and the restrooms.  The club will rent port-a-potties as well. 
    The PTO will administer and conduct the kid’s fun run, including staffing the registration table.  There will be no fee for the kid’s run participants.  RunLawrence will provide finisher medals.  Dee said the art classes at Woodlawn might make race numbers for the students. 
    There was some discussion regarding timing of the start of the two runs.  Members experienced with similar situations recommended the starts be staggered and that the finish chute be for the 5K participants only.  It was suggested that the kid’s fun run start 30-40 minutes after the 5K in order to accommodate families with members participating in both events.
    Dee has seen flagged corrals used effectively to organize run participants.  The club will need more flags and cones.  Don moved and Gene seconded the purchase, the motion passed. 
    Dee and Don met with the city engineer, Shoeb Uddin on July 31st.  He provided a map of the road construction plan and a time line for completion of the Locust and Third Street project. Dee shared the 5K route with Mr. Uddin.  There is no anticipated conflict at this time.  Mr. Uddin volunteered to meet again about one week prior to the event. Participants should be able to access all of the city parking lots.  Johnny’s lot may be accessible only from the north.  We would like no parking permitted in front of the school.  Dee has purchased the necessary city permit.  She plans to contact the Ballard Center staff with updated information. 
    Awards have been ordered, shirts reserved.  Members generally agreed the kid’s fun run should be listed on the entry form with the option of entering the day of the event. 
    Dee will contact previous sponsors: Great Harvest, the Merc, JS Coffee and Dillons.  Don will contact Hy-Vee and research cookie prices.  Becky will also check on cookie prices from another resource.  She will see if the hospital can contribute items to participant packets.  Each member who secured sponsors last year should contact them again.  When the sponsors have committed, the entry form can be finalized. Gene will see if Raul can recommend a DJ and sound system.
  2. Treasurer’s report:  The web-hosting fee has been paid.  In addition, Dee made two deposits.  The precise balance was not available at the meeting.
  3. Reminders of upcoming events.  Please see the website for events.  There was some discussion regarding upcoming races and fun runs.  Ellen would like more volunteers and runners for Red Dog’s Boys and Girls Club Run.  September 19th has at least four events scheduled.  The Octoginta Bike Ride organizers want to recognize their 40 years and honor Bob Frederick October 4th.
  4. RunLawrence contributed $400 to Red Dog’s summer and fall workouts in gratitude for Red Dog’s support of runLawrence and community member fitness.
  5. Update on web listings of races meeting standards: the standards approved at the last club meeting are now posted on the website.
  6. Other business:  Gene distributed the new club shirts.  Becky won the meeting shirt give-a-way.  Members expressed appreciation for Gene’s exemplary, timely web site authorship.  Andy shared the organizational progress of the Baldwin running club. 
  7. The meeting adjourned.

Lori Cackler