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Meeting Minutes, Dec 6, 2009

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 pm

Members present: Paul Boone, Celeste Leonardi, Becky McClure, Molly Wood, Janet Huchingson, John Huchingson, Dee Boeck, Steve Riley, Gene Wee.

  1. In the absence of the president and vice president, Dee called the meeting to order.
  2. Review of Thanksgiving Day 5K
    1. Financial report was handed out.
    2. Plans are to select a less expensive cotton shirt, or some other merchandise like gloves, socks, day packs, etc.
    3. Additional expenses this year included ambulance service.
    4. The family discount was very popular, but also brought in less income. Suggestion to raise the entry fee to adequately cover costs.
    5. Dee suggested seeking more sponsors especially from North Lawrence merchants.
    6. Favorable comments on the new location and course. Parking was apparently adequate.
    7. John suggested posting signs in the gym where results will be posted. And signs prohibiting food in the gym.
    8. The gift cards from Francis Sporting Goods were favorably received.
    9. Steve suggested using an age-graded masters award system.
    10. Suggestion to add a second table at the water station and to place them on both sides of the road.
  3. Contribution of $3,000 was proposed to Woodlawn School as the club's contribution from race proceeds. Approved by voice vote: 7 yeas, 1 nay.
    For Jan meeting, will discuss contributions to other causes including the junior high club in Lawrence and the Eudora cross country program.
  4. Election of officers. Slate of officers was Becky McClure, president; Janet Huchingson, vice president; Lori Cackler, secretary; and John Huchingson, treasurer. Molly motioned, Paul second. Officers approved unanimously.
  5. The meeting adjourned.

Gene Wee