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The Johnsons with Dee Boeck at the Mother's Day Run. Photo from the 2009 KU Relays. Photo from the June 10 Hershey's Track and Field Meet.
   The Johnsons with Dee Boeck at the Mother's Day Run; KU Relays; Hershey's Track & Field Meet on June 10th ( gmw photos)

Meeting Minutes, June 7, 2009

Free State Brewery
4:30 p.m

In attendance:  Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Greg Burger, Steve Riley, Paul Boone, Karen Hyde, Becky McClure, John McClure, and Ellen Young.

Lively discussion ensued about races and vacations to Italy.

1. Paul - proposes that runLawrence establish a committee to establish a list of standards regarding endorsement of races.

Dee made a motion to establish the committee. It was seconded and passed.
Paul Boone volunteered to head the committee of Gene Wee, Steve Riley and Ellen Young.

Dee - discussion with Terry Mann had the same concern with listing races on the MARA calendar that are not quality races.

2. Thanksgiving Day Run update - The club voted in a prior meeting to have the nice long-sleeve ASCIS shirts, including both mens and womens sizes.

Dee has filled out a building request for the possibility of using Woodlawn School. There will be a course change due to the closure of North 2nd and Locust. Concern over the closure of the parking lots was expressed. Gene presented a proposed route starting and ending at Woodlawn School.

More discussion revolved around whether or not people think it would be too far to walk from south of the river or parking in the city lots downtown and walking to Woodlawn. There was more discussion to put on the entry form to allow plenty of time to park.

Dee was concerned that about pone third of the medals from last year were not picked up by their owners. Paul proposed using a sticker on the back of the medal to be able to use them for one year to another.

There was further discussion about age-grading the masters.

Pamphlets were passes out about the Heart of America Marathon and Paul's Horsethief Run in Eudora on July 11th.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Paul Boone/Ellen Young