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photo of Red Dog group at 2009 Shamrock Shuffle
   2009 Shamrock Shuffle: Dog Days group (jerry henley, dick ross, gene wee photos)

Meeting Minutes, Mar 1, 2009

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 p.m
Members present:  Becky, Dee, Lori, Don, Gene, and Steve

Agenda items:

  1. The Lawrence Parks and Recreation/runLawrence Dam Run March 28th
    will feature new, flatter certified courses.  Gene explained the
    routes, basically an out and back pattern and showed the entry form.
    Volunteers are needed.
  2. Run for Erica will also be March 28th, the same day as the Dam Run.  Entry forms are available at Gribble’s.
  3. Steve is consulting for the course certification for the Olathe Marathon.
  4. Treasurer’s report was given by Dee.  As of Feb. 18, 2009, the
    balance is $8,091.71.
  5. Thanksgiving Day Run 2009:  Dee has reserved the Visitor’s Center.
    She requested that members check with current sponsors and recruit new
    ones as well.
  6. RunLawrence member Rhonda L. had asked the club to consider
    sponsorship of a women’s Divison at the KU Pow Wow by the provision of a
    cash award of $225.00.  Members present discussed runLawrence’s
    purpose, which is primarily the advocacy and support of runners.  The
    consensus was that the sponsorship request was outside the scope of
    the club purpose.
  7. Brew-to-Brew is April 5th.  The runLawrence Team is entered.
  8. Paul’s Eudora Cross Country team will staff the finish line at the
    Shamrock Shuffle March 7th, using runLawrence equipment.
  9. The hard drive on Gene’s computer crashed, slowing substantially
    his timely updates of the website.  He believes he can get a diagnosis
    and plan to get back up to speed this week.
  10. Dee and Celeste met to discuss a plan for a club social event/meal
    together.  They suggested a spring picnic in a park with a menu around
    hot dogs and hamburgers.
  11. There was no other business, the meeting adjourned.

submitted by Lori Cackler