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Photo of Curtis Marsh and the boys at the Hilltop Hustle.
   The Dam Run was delayed 2 weeks for a sunnier and warmer day; Curtis Marsh with his boys at the Hilltop Hustle ( gmw photos)

Meeting Minutes, May 3, 2009

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 p.m

People present were:  Steve Riley, John Hutchinson; Molly Wood; Becky McClure and Ellen Young.

Becky talked about her trip to Italy.

Treasurer's Report - $8,400.71

What is the best time to meet?  Various times were tossed out; John reported that Janet suggested more of a social hour with our meeting; might get a few more people if we had an evening meeting; discussion was held about meeting on Sunday but possibly a little later followed by a social hour.  We thought before making a definite change of meeting time that we might try a few different times out and see if we get more people.  So, Becky McClure is going to call Free State to find out about their room and see if it would work to have our next meeting there, in conjunction with eating, either before or after the meeting.  She thought we might have to put an email out because she thought they might need to have a # to work with.

Items 3-6 on the agenda (need volunteers for Coopers Cause on 9/12; need more volunteers to help with general equipment rental; our involvement with Dam Run in 2010 and T-day t-shirt decision) were all tabled until next month.  Although most of us there felt that our best shirt was the white tech long sleeve tee shirt and would like to do another one like it, but felt we should look for better pricing.

Meeting was adjourned at 5 pm.

Ellen Young