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Photo of the largest workout in June 2010. Photo of the women's 3000 at the Heartland Masters Rack Meet.

Meeting Minutes, August 1, 2010

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 pm

Members present: Barry Nason, Don & Lori Cackler, Dee Boeck, Gene Gene, Molly Wood, Becky McClure, Karen Hyde, John & Janet Huchingson and guest Kevin Loos.

  1. Treasurer’s report: John reported the account balance is $5,066.92. Upcoming Thanksgiving Day run expenses will draw the balance down.

  2. Members congratulated Greg Burger on his Western States 100 mile finish. Details of his accomplishment can be found on the club website.

  3. Thanksgiving Day 5K update: Dee provided a sample of the headband registered runners would receive. Its retail value is $15. Volunteers will receive cotton t-shirts. School district administrators have approved use of Woodlawn School. The main sponsors have confirmed their support. Johnny’s will allow parking in their lot. Gene will send a draft of the entry form to members for review. Raul Flores will handle web-based entries, timing and results. The Lawrence Police Department will provide course no parking signs for a refundable deposit. The club must provide the stakes for the signs. Awards have been ordered. There are enough kid fun run awards from last year to use this year. Gene provided projected expenses and net income based upon participant numbers and upon 2009 expenses. There was some discussion regarding the traditional family discount. More information will be needed from Raul to insure ease of website navigation to accommodate the discount. Molly moved that we retain the family discount subject to what the new website and budget allows. Barry seconded the motion and it carried with no nay votes. It was suggested that a checkbox for volunteering be placed on the website. We will provide more bottled water this year. There is a need for more volunteers for the food tables and a sign requesting no food or drinks in the gym. Janet suggested using Bishop Seabury student volunteers again. Karen will check with LHS honor society faculty sponsors for volunteers. Dee would like a group of members to hand out flyers in the neighborhood a week or so prior to the run to alert neighbors of traffic restrictions. We will decide whether or not to buy cookies at a later date.

  4. Youth running programs: Kevin, parent of a young runner who has enjoyed participating in the Langston Hughes Elementary program, has been researching other organized running programs for young runners in our city. Gene had several responses to an e-mail requesting that information, but it appeared that no one has taken primary leadership to establish and maintain a community wide group. Dee suggested that the responders consider forming a committee to further explore this subject.

  5. Web site race publishing standards: The committee that reviews applications for publication of events on the website would like to establish a seamless, consistent response process to organizations seeking recognition of their events on the website. Molly agreed to join the standing committee and was appointed by President Becky.

  6. Support for upcoming run: The club has agreed to allow the sponsors of the October 24th Jayhawk Jog to use our equipment. However, we are in need of a club member to transport, monitor use and return the equipment. Barry said he would check his calendar.

  7. Gribble’s Discount: Garry Gribble's Running Sports will offer a 20% discount for current club members starting September 1, 2010. runLawrence members will be able to use this discount when purchasing all except a couple of specialty items any time they are shopping at Gribble’s store.

  8. Dick Wilson memorial: Members expressed a desire to honor a highly respected champion runner and club member who recently passed away. Several ideas were expressed. Members will research options and make decisions at a future meeting.

  9. Other business: Janet brought books from the club library available for checkout. Becky requested volunteers for the bicycle and pedestrian count to be held Wednesday September 15 between 10:00 and 12:00 am; then between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday September 18th. The data the count provides is used to obtain federal funding for pedestrian and bike friendly infrastructures. Don won the t-shirt give away.

The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lori Cackler

Aug 1, 2010