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Photo of Century School Runners. Photo of Spank and Keith Dowell on awards podium at KC Dog Run.

Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2010

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 pm
Members present: Becky McClure, Molly Wood, Paul Boone and Dee Boeck.

Meeting called to order at 4:07

  1. $300 donation to Dog Days approved unanimously.
  2. General discussion on Pres. Becky and Dee's receipt of marketing calls and calls for assistance with organizing races.
  3. Invited Nash Dash organizer to our August meeting.
  4. Call for Tour of Lawrence volunteers.
  5.  runLawrence annual Thanksgiving Day 5k interim report:
    1. Headband instead of T-Shirt -- $9.89 including printing
    2. Woodlawn School will be delighted to have us back
    3. Will be working with new computer-entry co. (rather than active.com)
    4. Dee's working on sponsors, and if anyone has any ideas, that would be helpful.
  6. Treasurer's Report -- $5,481.05 in the kitty, and we paid $222.60 for 28 shirts for the Century School running club
  7. Report on the Legacy Run in memoriam for Eileen Huffman -- 123 participants in the 5k run/walk.    
    Horsethief Run is July 10 at 7:30 in Eudora
Respectfully submitted,     

Molly M. Wood

June 29, 2010