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Photo of Red Dog's Jingle Jog on Dec 15, 2011.
   Dec 15, 2011 Jingle Jog (Jerry Henley photo)

Meeting Minutes, Sunday, December 4, 2011 (approved 1/8/12)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Present:  Becky McClure, president;  Gene Wee, webmaster; Karen Hyde, Ray Hummert, Molly Wood, Jenn Haynes, Larisa Lochner, Barry Nason, Brett Young, Celeste Leonardi took the minutes.

President, Becky McClure called the meeting to order.

Molly Wood moved that the Minutes from the last runLawrence club meeting be approved.  Barry Nason, seconded;  minutes were approved unanimously. 

Gene Wee presented the treasurer’s report.  Amount in the club account as of November 30, 2011 was $15,185.85.  There are several outstanding bills from the Thanksgiving Day Run.

Becky McClure stated that the RRCA plaque designating Lawrence as a runner friendly community will be made to the mayor, Aaron Cromwell and City Manager, David Corliss at the next City Commission meeting on Tuesday, December 13, 2011.  Club members were encouraged to attend and wear runLawrence gear. 

Thanksgiving Day Run:
Gene Wee presented the 2011 financial report for the 5k run (attached).
Discussion of line items took place.  The dollar amount of photos vs. announcer seems disproportionate (Molly Wood)

Some problems with awards pick-up were discussed and suggestions were made to correct these problems next year.

Discussion of left over items i.e., beanies, gloves.  Club members can purchase these for $10. 

Discussion of fees for the Thanksgiving Run took place.  Perhaps charging a little more and giving a nicer award.  (Gene Wee). 

Other items for discussion was the fun run;  Some confusion as to the route and the distance; ran out of medals due to unexpected higher turnout.

Becky McClure brought up the need for an emergency policy to be communicated to all workers and training in cases of emergency personnel needing to be contacted; specifically, runners who are unable to continue the run.  Who should be contacted and how will that be done.

Gene Wee would like to have someone in charge of course marshals for next year’s run.  Attendees discussed using a pagers similar to those from the Tour of Lawrence bicycle races or cell phones for better communication. 

Gene Wee also suggested changing of format and number printed entry forms back to a brochure with full details rather than the postocards.  59% of sign-ups were on-line. 

Discussion of dollars to be distributed to benefit Woodlawn School and others  was tabled for the next meeting. 

2012 Membership fees are due before the end of the year. 

The slate of officers for the 2012 year was presented and voted upon.
Molly Wood moved that the slate be approved; Brett Young, seconded.  Members voted unanimously to approve the new positions. 

President:  Barry Nason
Vice-President:  LaRisa Lochner
Secretary:  Lori Cackler
Treasurer:  John Hutchinson
Race Director:  Dee Boeck
Web Master:  Gene Wee

Discussion took place about paying Gene Wee for his continued outstanding work and commitment to planning, organizing and controlling the runLawrence website over the life of the runLawrence club in the amount of $1,500.  Motion was made by Molly Wood and seconded by Karen Hyde.  Members approved unanimously. 

Becky reminded members of the Chili Run, which is the final event of the MARA running season taking place at Wyandotte County Lake.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Celeste Leonardi
Acting Secretary

Dec 27, 2011