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Meeting Minutes, Feb 6, 2011

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
3:00 pm

Members present: Becky McClure, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, LaRisa Chambers-Lochner, Ellen Young, Barry Nason, Paul Boone, Don & Lori Cackler, Molly Wood, Charlie Hunt, Chip Anderson and
guests: Kristie Martinez, Katie Lundmark, Emily Welsh, Pam Carleton, Gary Freeman and Duane Peterson.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: Dee reported based upon John’s message that the balance is $6,700 with $120 to be deposited.
  2. Journal World inquiry: Dee did a phone interview with a reporter for a story to be published soon in the “Go” insert regarding training for running a 5K. Paul also volunteered to speak with the reporter.
  3. Gribble Beginning Running Group: Ellen is sponsoring a group for beginning runners based upon a need she saw from women who shopped in the store. They have met one time and are planning to meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. at Gribble’s on Mass Street. The goal for the runners is to participate in a 5K.
  4. Lawrence, a Runner Friendly Community: Becky has been working on the RRCA application. She will need from 4 to 6 letters from city officials and businesses in support of the application. Areas documented include facilities, trails, restrooms, parking, city support, web support, clubs, youth programs, university support and access to public school facilities.
  5. Funding proposals: Dee provided a history of club funding efforts to encourage runners of all ages and levels. Some of these are: the Thanksgiving Day Run at Woodlawn School, junior high running clubs, the Eudora youth program, Century School running club t-shirts and adopting a family for Christmas through the Ballard Center. Our guests gave requests for funding that follow:

    1. Kristie Martinez, Deerfield Elementary School would like $600 to purchase shirts for students who successfully complete a progressive marathon. Each shirt would cost $5. RunLawrence can be written on the shirts. The PTO is also working with the Boys and Girls Club and Hy-Vee’s Mile at a Time program to encourage students to run.
    2. Gary Freeman, who is a teacher and a coach from McClouth would like the club to provide the funds to purchase 20 boys and 20 girls uniforms for their combined cross country and track and field team. The cost per uniform from East Bay is $21-22. The total cost would be $900.
    3. Paul Boone: runLawrence member, teacher and coach at Eudora has used previous donations for his middle school running club-training trips. He did not request funds at this time, but did say that $500 to continue support for the middle school program would be very beneficial.
    4. Duane Peterson, Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department reviewed runLawrence’s long history of cooperation with the city. Two examples were assisting with the Dam Run and allowing use of the timing clock. Duane would like the club to help identify running community needs by e-mailing him. The city would like to work with the club to plan projects and split funding. Some needs mentioned at the meeting were: a restroom facility on the levy, a water fountain near the levy, as well as accurate and more visible mile markers. The Burrough Trail needs markers too. Some of the trails would be made more usable with lighting.
    5. Chip Anderson, teacher and coach from Lawrence Public Schools has used a previous club donation for the junior high running club. They have matching uniform tops, have competed in several league meets and have a paid coach with a volunteer assistant. Chip needs about $1,000 to pay a coach for next school year.

  6. Club members appreciated the requests from our guests. It was determined that runLawrence could contribute $2700 from our treasury. Members proposed breaking that into these amounts:
    1. $1,000 for Lawrence Junior High (combined) runners
    2. $250 for Eudora’s middle school runners
    3. $500 for McClouth’s cross country and track runners
    4. $300 for Deerfield Elementary’s runners
  7. Club members moved seconded, and unanimously approved the above plan.
  8. Dee read a letter from USD 497’s Division Director of Finance thanking the club for the donation to Woodlawn School.
  9. The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lori Cackler