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Meeting Minutes, June 5, 2011

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 pm

Members present: Becky McClure, Molly Wood, Brett Young, John Huchingson, Janet Huchingson, LaRisa Chambers-Lochner, Barry Nason, Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Karen Hyde

  1. Treasurer's report:  $5,274.53.
  2. Motion (Dee moved and Janet 2nded) to purchase 2 banners (one start and one finish), passed unanimously.
  3. The Thanksgiving Day run application and details/improvements/ clarifications were reviewed.
  4. Our RRCA application to be recognized as a runner friendly community was submitted on May 1.
  5. Volunteer and racing opportunities coming up (Half-Ironman, June 11; Horsethief 5K, July 9 and Red Dog Run, August 6) were noted.
  6. August social for the club will be at 4:00 on Sunday, August 7, and the visitor's center, and we've invited Janice Woolridge, our state RRCA rep., to join us and report on the RRCA national meeting.
  7. There will not be a meeting July 3.
  8. Gene will gather more information on club jerseys or other uniforms.
  9. LaRisaa agreed to work on a new postcard for membership application.
  10. Various members reported on their running/racing activities.

Respectfully submitted,
Molly Wood

June 17, 2011