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Photos of the girls 100m hurdles atthe 2011 Kansas Relays.
   The high school girls 100m hurdles at the 2011 Kansas Relays. (gmw)

Meeting Minutes, May 1, 2011

Lawrence Memorial Hospital
4:00 pm

Members present: Gene Wee, John Huchingson, Barry Nason, Dee Boeck, Karen Hyde, Don and Lori Cackler.

  1. Treasurer’s report: John gave a balance of $5159.53 as of Friday April 29.
  2. Club Social: The depot has been reserved for a combination monthly meeting and potluck dinner August 7th. The club will provide table service, tea, lemonade and a main dish. Club members should bring a side dish or dessert to share.
  3. Runner Friendly City Designation: Becky submitted our application April 25th. RRCA should reply within 60 days of that date. Compliments to Becky and Dee for their hard work in getting the application together.
  4. Thanksgiving Day Run:
    1. Dee has submitted the form to reserve Woodlawn School. John Francis is researching the availability of affordable, high quality mittens to be given to registrants.
    2. Gene will obtain the city right of way permit, which has traditionally been priced at $10.
    3. He reported the family plan of registration online was problematic last year. Gene has brainstormed possible alternatives, some of which were to charge the same price for all registrants that we would have asked for family entries. Gene will continue to ponder this issue and bring a proposal to the membership.
    4. Dee said she would ask Charlie Upton to be the announcer since he has done such a fine job and is very familiar with the run.
    5. She discussed encouraging walkers to register. Since a number of walkers could cause a bottleneck at 6th and Walnut, we would post two course marshals there.
    6. We should publicize the fact that we cannot take credit cards for day of race registration or for registration at Frances Sporting Goods on packet pick up day. Dee would like to expand the hours of packet pick up to noon to six.
    7. We need more visible signs to request drinks and food are not taken into the gym. It was suggested that results be posted outside the gym, perhaps in the hallway.
    8. Gene will research resources for large start and finish banners that can be seen from a distance.
  5. Volunteers are needed: to supervise and operate the clock at the St. John’s run May 14th. Interested members should contact Gene or Steve Riley. Ellen will coordinate a water aid station at the Half Ironman event June 12. Members who can assist her should contact Ellen or Gene. We had a request from a non-member, Liz Dobbins, who said she needs a couple of hosts for Half Ironman participants. We did not have details regarding expectations of the host families. Interested persons should contact Liz.
  6. Recent volunteering: runLawrence members staffed the last relay station for Brew to Brew. Several members assisted with the start and finish of the Hilltop Hustle, which had a record number of finishers this year-about 250. Gene and Alicia Rosales hosted a table at the KU Wellness Fair. The traffic was very light and most of the participant did not fit runLawrence’s target audience.
  7. The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lori Cackler