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  2012 Shamrock Shuffle start ; God's Country Duathlon start - both on the levee(gmw)

Meeting Minutes, Sunday, April 1, 2012 (approved 5/6/12)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 pm.

Members present:  Barry Nason, Molly Wood, Gene Wee, Paul Boone.

  1. Treasurer’s report:  Gene reported a balance of $6342.76 as of March 28, 2012.
  2. March minutes approved.
  3. Reviewed options for Asics club singlets. About 8 samples from Francis Sporting Goods were looked at. Top choice was the Asics Ard - men's and women's versions. everyone tried them on for size. Will go back to Francis to get samples at the store so members can try them on for size.
  4. Paul mentioned the two races he's involved in this summer - the June 9th 4 for Others 4 miler and the Horsethief Run - again a 5K on the MARA Grand Prix Circuit.
  5. Barry received a letter from Abby Thill with the KU Relays Commitee asking for volunteers.
  6. Gene updated the list of dates for the rental of the club equipment now total ten days starting with Apr 14.
    • Apr 14 Race Ipsa 5K
    • May 5 Shoreline Shuffle
    • May 19 St John’s 5K
    • June 9 - 4 for Others 4 Mile
    • June 16 Kansas Lymefighters 5K
    • July 14 Horsethief Run
    • July 28 Merc Run
    • Sept 8 Perry Pride 5K
    • Sep 22 Pura Vida 5K
    • Sep 29 Mad Dogs/John Bunce Run
  7. A 1000 vests will be ordered from Francis for the Thanksgiving Day 5K

Meeting adjourned

Gene Wee