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2012 Wow Run. runLawrence Thanksgiving Day Run.
  Body Boutique's WOW Run and runLawrence's Thanksgiving Day Run. (gmw)

Meeting Minutes, Sun, Dec 2, 2012 (approved Jan 6, 2013)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 pm.

Members present:   Barry Nason, Dan Kuhlman, Shannon Hodges, Janet and John Huchingson, Celeste Leonardi, Becky McClure, Molly Wood, Gene Wee, and Dee Boeck.

  1. President Barry Nason called the meeting to order.

  2. Minutes of the November 2012 meeting: Dee moved they be approved, Celeste seconded, the motion passed.

  3. Treasurer’s report:  there was a balance of $19,897.66. 

  4. Thanksgiving Day Run Review:  Gene reviewed the income/expense report and reported that more deposits are still due from Enter2Run/Race and some bills still need to be paid. The projected income will be about $11,000. The official number of entries was 1205 for the 5K. About 90 people entered the fun run.

    Comments on the the run included.

    Ran out of water at the finish due to the warmer weather. Could have had more cookies to offer. Did not have much left over in refreshments.

    Vests were a big success.

    It's not easy to park close. May check into getting permission to park at the Flamingo Club. Concern if more than 1200 enter in the future.

    Suggestion to add more no parking signs on N 6th Street since cars were parked on both sides of the street.

    Suggestions from the Lawrence Police - if we get more than 1200 runners next year may ask EMT service to use Gator (golf carts) in maneuver through the race course. Club needs to review plans with the Lawrence PD.

    Late registration was kept open past the 8 am closing time. Hard to turn down but race cannot start until all entries are uploaded to the RaceDay Timing Solutions computer as the runner's number has to cross the start line. Suggest stronger warning and shutting down on the advertised time.

    Continue to offer the family discount and not offer discounts to club members. One discount system is enough and we want to encourage club members to volunteer to help the one race we promote in the year.

  5. Membership renewals are due for 2013.  Several members rejoined.

  6. New business: 
    Shannon Hodges and Dan Kuhlman want to start a youth running program. They will meet again with Dee and Gene to work on the details including looking into RRCA suggestions and rules.

  7. Barry reported that Garry Gribble's Running Sports is now offering 20% discount for runLawrence members on most items (including food items and all clothing and shoes) which started Dec 1st and good every day.
  8. Next meeting we need to elect new officers.  John Huchingson agreed to being the treasurer again,  Barry Nason will be leaving Lawrence next May.  LaRisa Lochner had resigned about a month ago.  So president and vice president are definitely open. 

  9. Meeting was adjourned

Gene Wee