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Meeting Minutes, Sunday, January 8, 2012 (approved 2/5/12)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 pm.

Members present:  Jennifer Haynes, Don Cackler, Lori Cackler, Stacy Riggins, Sarah Rush, Becky McClure, Barry Nason, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Garrett Jones, Karen Hyde, Paul Boone, John Huchinson, Janet Huchinson.

  1. President Barry Nason called the meeting to order.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved as presented.

  2. Treasurer’s Report:  John reported a balance of $8,188.42 as of Thursday, January 5th.  The ambulance service has not presented a bill for the Thanksgiving Day Run.  All other obligations have been paid.  Dee has presented a check for $3,000 to Woodlawn School.  She recommended a reserve for the 2012 run in the amount of $5,000 which would account for bad weather on race day and clock repair.  The club would like to have about $1,000 for donations to promote youth running programs.  In addition, the club would like to donate $400 to Dog Days.  Membership renewals have gone well with 121 to date.  RRCA dues have been paid and club insurance renewed within the last 30 days.

  3. Garrett Jones shared his vision for establishing a National Intercollegiate Running Club Association chapter at KU for students.  He is currently reviewing and making a plan to implement the university’s requirements to establish the sports club.  The first organizational meeting will be January 17, 2012.  Garrett, who runs with Sand Rats and is a Dog Days participant, would like to connect the new club with established programs and clubs like runLawrence.  The club runners could eventually participate in national cross country and half-marathon events.  There is now a faculty sponsor for the club and after meeting KU organizational requirements, the opportunity to access funding.  Gene will publicize the organizational meeting on the club website.

  4. Paul Boone asked the club to continue to support the Eudora Middle School cross country team.  He said the club has doubled in participation from 12 students to 24.  The emphasis is on improving individual performance for the runners as well as running for enjoyment.  As a parent of a student at West Middle School in Lawrence, he said he would like to see opportunities for Lawrence middle school students to participate in a similar club.  Dee asked him to let other interested parents know that funds are available to begin such a club.

  5. Dee presented a request for funding from Michel Loomis at Liberty Memorial Middle School in Lawrence.  Michele sponsors a Smart Strength after school program that includes running.  Don moved that runLawrence contribute $500 to the Eudora program, $300 to the Liberty Memorial Middle School program and set aside $300 for Garrett’s program if needed.  Stacy seconded, the motion passed with no dissent.

  6. Barry asked for club plans for 2012.  There was some discussion about giving awards to groups at the Thanksgiving Day Run.  Ideas mentioned were tying school running clubs to this concept, designating a child’s entry fee rather than a family entry fee and giving children a pool pass rather than a shirt/beanie/gloves/headband.

    Dee moved, Don seconded and the members voted to have at least one club potluck dinner.  Janet will see if the depot is available during our regular August meeting time.  runLawrence will continue to rent equipment to area run event organizers and send club volunteers to set up our equipment.

  7. Other business:  Gene will offer "I runLawrence" bumper stickers to renewing members.  RRCA runner friendly community stickers have been distributed to all of our business sponsors.  Dee would like suggestions from members regarding other supportive businesses that should have them.  The plaque has been presented to the mayor.   Barry will check with the city manager about adding road signs to Lawrence entry points. Paul said two local cross country coaches were awarded coach of the year for Kansas at the recent professional meeting in Junction City: Christi Douglas from Bishop Seabury and Tim Savage from Wellsville.
    Garret won the door prize.

The meeting adjourned.

Lori Cackler