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Meeting Minutes, Sun, Nov 4, 2012 (approved Dec 2, 2012)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 pm.

Members present:   Barry Nason, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Karen Hyde, John Huchingson, Janet Huchingson, Celeste Leonardi, Brenda Groskinsky, Dan Kuhlman, Garrett Jones, Don Cackler, Lori Cackler.  Two guests were Jim Huchingson and Shane Jones.

  1. President Barry Nason called the meeting to order.

  2. Minutes of the October 2012 meeting: Dee moved they be adopted as published on the website, Don seconded, the motion passed.

  3. Treasurer’s report:  there was a balance of $5902.50.  Dee circulated the bank statement for perusal.

  4. Thanksgiving Day Run:  Dee said all plans are going well.  She shared the logo for the volunteer t-shirt.  Vests are in and size XXL is almost depleted while there is an abundant supply of size extra small.  Runners under age 14 will receive beanies.  She needs volunteers to pick up and deliver the food. 
    Woodlawn will open for set-up Wednesday evening from 5:30-7:30.
    Charlie Upton will be the announcer. 
    Becky has the aid station staffed and supplied.  Karen has recruited a couple of high school volunteers to help there.
    Lawrence PD will monitor traffic. Two more volunteers are needed for day of race packet pick-up in addition to volunteers to take shifts at Francis Sporting Goods from 11:30-5:30 Wednesday.  319 runners have signed up to date from local cities as well as from Illinois, Colorado, New York, Minnesota, Mississippi, Texas and Iowa.  
    Janet will not be available for food preparation.  She asked that volunteers bring knives and towels. 
    LMH’s youth performance program will have a table and a coupon for fun run participants. Genesis Fitness Center will provide free passes.  
    Woodlawn’s Marathon Club will distribute a logistical letter to the neighbors. 
    runLawrence will have an inventory of shirts from previous runs available for purchase both Wednesday and Thursday. 
    Gene distributed a copy of the new fun run route that is a little longer now and in the shape of a figure eight which will result in the need for more course marshals.  Gene asked members to continue to distribute flyers. 
    He will send a general e-mail to members to recruit volunteers.

  5. New business: 
    Becky shared her experiences with the Glow Run. 
    Membership renewals are due for 2013.  Janet had articles for check-out about the canceled New York Marathon and about Kip Litton, a  man whose hobby is faking marathon wins. 
    Garrett gave an update regarding the KU Running Club.  They have about thirty paid members and 50-60 regulars for their runs.  Funding from KU should begin in the fall of 2013.  They have a goal to host a meet in two years--perhaps a joint venture with the Dr. Bob Run.  Some members will participate in the spring track NIRCA events nationwide.  They are planning to purchase uniforms.  Recently, KU Running Club has initiated and promoted an interagency effort to clear a natural surface running trail near the Burroughs trail in east Lawrence.

  6. Adjournment:  Janet moved and Brenda seconded that the meeting adjourn to a work session for assembling award envelopes.  The motion passed.

Lori Cackler