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Katie Messer and Cindy Cameron at the Heartland 3000m at JCCC. Start of the Leawood Labor Day Run. Start of the Red Dog Run.
  Katie Messer & Cindy Cameron at the Heartland 3000m;Leawood Labor Day 5K (gmw); Red Dog Run at Haskell. (SeeKCRun photo)

Meeting Minutes, Sunday, Sept 2, 2012 (approved Oct 7, 2012)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 pm.

Members present: Janet Huchingson, John Huchingson, Barry Nason, Garrett Jones, Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Brett Young, Celeste Leonardi, Molly Wood, Becky McClure, Don Cackler, and Lori Cackler.

  1. President Barry Nason called the meeting to order.
  2. Treasurer's report: John said the balance on August 30th was $6349.93.
  3. Review and approval of the minutes: the minutes of the July 2012 meeting were approved as posted. There were no minutes for the August picnic meeting.
  4. Thanksgiving Day Run update:
    1. Dee reported she has continued to contact and confirm sponsors. She listed several confirmed sponsors including; Great Harvest Bread Company, Dr. Phyllis Ragley, the Merc, Johnny's, Peak Performance, Mark Howarter Chiropractic and Laird Noller.
    2. The vests have been ordered.
    3. Dee asked for feedback from members as to the preferred color for the beanies that will be given to registrants who are age 14 and under. John moved and Dee seconded red for the first choice and gray for the second choice.
    4. John’s artist friend (Paul Reed) has done a couple of sketches for the awards, of which we will need ninety. The budget limit is $500. Members agreed the date should go on the ribbon that holds the medal rather than being engraved on the medal itself. There was some discussion regarding award alternatives. John will do some more research and report back to the members.
    5. Molly will head up registration.
    6. Gene needs someone to facilitate course marshals. He has placed a link for volunteers on the web site along with the registration form.
    7. The city has approved the traffic plan.
    8. Dee expects to pay expenses related to securing the port-a-potties, payment for the vests and beanies as well as printing costs within the next month. She said the kid's fun run course will be a little longer this year. She would like members to submit more ideas regarding possible sponsors.
    9. Dee invited the KU running club members to consider volunteering.
  5. runLawrence equipment rental:  Gene gave members a list of upcoming events that would use our finish line equipment. Members volunteered to cover the dates listed.
  6. Garry Gribble store discount:  current club members can save 25% at the store September 4, 5 and 6.
  7. Old business:
    1. Members and guests enjoyed the August dinner meeting. The food was good and the evening went well.
    2. Dee has located an artist in North Lawrence, BKB Leather, who may be a resource for fun run awards.
    3. Garrett brought a sample of the KU running club's tee shirt designed at the student design center. They will be reprinted with more stable ink in the near future. 195 students have expressed an interest in the club. At the first regularly scheduled run, 25 students participated. Some of the members plan to participate in the regional meet in Ames, Iowa and in the national meet in Hershey, Pennsylvania this fall. However, participants will have to do so at their own expense. Dues for the fall semester are $20 with a plan to reduce those to $10 once the university begins funding assistance. Garrett is considering a competitive tier dues level in order to help improve opportunities for meet participation. Some of the club members plan to run at Haskell and Emporia events. Garrett is helping K-State establish a club. He said the budget will be strained until the university begins allocating funds to the running club in spring 2013 and would like runLawrence to consider further start up assistance once the previous donation is depleted. Dee said that would certainly be reviewed after the Thanksgiving Day Run expenses and receipts are reconciled.
  8. The meeting adjourned.

Lori Cackler