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Meeting Minutes, Sun, April 7, 2013 (approved 5/5/13)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:30 pm.

Members attending:

Lori Cackler, Don Cackler, Karen Hyde, Gene Wee, Jason Holbert, Janet Huchingson, John Huchingson, Jane Johannsen, Heather Krase-Minnick, Leah Kuhlman, Coyla Lockhart, Becky McClure,  Barry Nason,

  1. Treasurer’s Report - total in account as of 3/31/13: $11,767.52.
  2. Any corrections to last meeting’s minutes:  None, minutes approved
  3. Marathon Club report will be given next meeting?
  4. Jane Johannsen:  Sunflower will be hosting an event with Jennifer Fahr-Davis.  Jennifer has set the record for fastest hike/run on the Appalachian Trail.  Would we be interested in sponsoring this even?  Charges will be $250 for her presentation plus lodging.   Jennifer will be here September 13-14.  The motion to let the executive committee discuss and decide was made.  Motion seconded and carried.
  5. There will be an update on the club survey the next meeting in May.
  6. Thanksgiving Day Run:
    1. Need volunteer to take over awards
    2. Need a coordinator for course marshals, not Gene. 
  7. Discussion about reflective running vests with runLawrence logo, all options are open
  8. Update on Youth Running Project - Dan has been going to a lot of the club meetings, progress is going well
  9. Donation request for Sunflower Marathon Club - The club is asking to use the club’s timing equipment for May 5, with no fee.  Moved by John Huchingson to donate our equipment and seconded.   Heather will start looking for volunteers to be trained to run the clock at events.
  10. Upcoming events for April were mentioned

  11. Other business
  12. Discussion followed about the Dam Run and Run for Life and Brew-to-Brew.
  13. Greg Burger will be here to speak at the May 5th meeting for runLawrence.  Please come and listen to his wonderful presentation.
  14. Hope for Healing 5K Race and Walk and Wellness Fair, May 11th, at South Park

    Dear Friends and Neighbors, Hi, this is Coyla Lockhart.  I worked on the Equity Council for five years with Craig Butler.  I now volunteer for the Kansas Tick-borne Disease Advocates non-profit organization. We help people living in Kansas who are ill with diseases caused by ticks. Many of these individuals are critically ill, with no insurance, and cannot work. After working for the organization, I have found a profound need not being met by the medical and governmental institutions.
    We are having our Hope for Healing 5K Race and Walk on Saturday morning, May 11th. With the funds from this event, we can help get medical treatment for many of these individuals in need.

    I am very much in need of volunteers for this event. Here are some ways you may help:
  • 7 volunteers for the race line finish
  • 20 volunteers for the race course at intersections
  • 2 emergency workers for the first aide tent or table, we need some cots, blankets, pillow
  • 2 volunteers with a truck to help set up the wooden signs at 6:30 a.m. and take them down after the race
  • 6 volunteers to fill cups and pass cups to racers
  • 2 volunteers to help Steve Riley set up timing equipment
  • 1 volunteer to be the announcer for the awards
  • 2 volunteers to pass out prizes and awards
  • 4 volunteers to manage table to sign up people from Kansas who have Lyme Disease and to put out flags representing Lyme Disease
  • 1 volunteer in charge of water for the end of the race
  • 1 volunteer in charge of food for the end of the race
  • 1 volunteer in charge of garbage bags, trash cans
  • 2 volunteers to put up tables for businesses for Wellness Fair
  • 2 volunteers to manage bounce house for 2 hours
  • 2 volunteers to make sure all equipment and rentals are taken back to rental business
  • 5 volunteers needed for Walk to direct walkers around South Park. Walk starts at 10:00

If you can help in any way, please call me at 785-766-9470, Thank you so much!!!  Coyla

Submitted by Coyla Lockhart