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Loats Family at the Thanksgiving Day 5K. Thomas Jefferson at the Cliff Hanger Run. Amanda Flaherty at the Topeka Winter Wonderland Run.
    Loats Family at the runLawrence Thanksgiving Day Run, Thomas Jefferson at the Cliff Hanger Run, Amanda O'Flaherty , 1st F30 at
    the Winter Wonderland Run. (SeeKCRun photos)

Meeting Minutes, Sun, Dec 1, 2013 (approved Jan 5, 2014)

Present:  Don Cackler, Lori Cackler, Leah Kuhlman, Dan Kuhlman, Molly Wood, Becky McClure, Paul Boone, Kendra Kuhlman, Heidi Matsakis, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck

The meeting was called to order by VP Dan in President Heather's absence.

The November meeting minutes were perused.  Don moved to approve, Becky seconded,

The latest bank balance shows $21,150.73.

The recently completed Thanksgiving Day 5K was the topic of much discussion.

Improvements for next year will include the use of Min/Mile signs at the start so that participants are grouped better by expected pace.  There was too much weaving around of faster runners to get around slower runners/walkers who were positioned ahead of them.

There were also a couple problems with the results, in that a few people checked the available lap tops for their times and then went and picked up their awards and it appears that the award winners changed some with those checking later.  A couple people went to pick up their award and it apparently had already been handed out to someone else.  At the meeting, it was also noted by a participant that she received a text message  with a time that was about 2 minutes off her correct time.   We will notify our timing company of these problems.  Overall it seems the timing/results/awards went very well with just a few minor concerns.

It was also widely felt that we need a louder PA system at the start.  The one bullhorn was not powerful enough for the large numbers of participants.  We will talk with our announcer about that.

Positive aspects of the race included the race starting on tine, well-marked, marshalled course and good aid station. Day of race registration and packet pick up were well organized with a major problem of running out of the mittens.  This was due to our provider apparently not sending us the number we were expecting and our not counting them to verify the numbers.  We did give out beanies and t-shirts when the mittens ran out.  We are also offering gift certificates to those who signed up early and did not get mittens.

Five lucky volunteers received gift certificates from area merchants at a volunteer drawing held after the race.  Winners have been notified.

Gene indicated the race will be a financial success again with several bills and payments receivable outstanding yet.  A complete financial report should be ready at the January meeting.

Suggestions for the "give-away" for next year were solicited and those mentioned included socks, arm warmers and lights for running in the dark.

Gene indicated he would be filing renewal papers for RRCA membership.  It was also noted that annual dues are due and everyone is encouraged to renew their club membership if they have already not done so.  This can be done on-line at no extra cost to the member.

A slate of candidates for office for next year was drawn up as follows:

President:  Heather Krase-Minnick
Vice President:  Dan Kuhlman
Secretary:  Heidi Matsakis
Treasurer:  Jason Holbert

Anyone else who is interested in running for these positions is encouraged to do so.  Elections will take place at our January meeting which likely will be held at some location other than the regular hospital meeting room.

Molly moved to adjourn the meeting, Paul seconded, unanimously approved.

Submitted by Dee Boeck