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At the 4 Mile mark of the 2013 Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon. Photo from the 2012 Cliffhanger Run.
  At the 4 mile mark of the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon; trio at the 2012 Cliffhanger Run. (gmw)

Meeting Minutes, Sun, Feb 3, 2013

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:30 pm.

Present: Barry Nason, Heather Krase-Minnick, Becky McClure, Molly Wood, Gene Wee, Dee Boeck, Dan Kuhlman, Shannon Hodges, Garrett Jones, Ellen Young

The meeting was called to order by President Heather Krase-Minnick.

In the absence of the Treasurer, treasurer's report was given by Secretary Dee Boeck indicating a bank balance of $11,619.62. The current bank statement was circulated.

Barry made a motion to approve last month's minutes as submitted, seconded by Becky and approved by voice vote.

Dan distributed a proposed outline of the Youth Running Project. Shannon advised that she attended a meeting of the newly-formed Marathon Club at St. John's School. After some discussion, it was agreed that once a few further details are finalized and after Dan attends a meeting of the city Marathon Club organization on February 11, this program will be advertised on line. That motion was made by Barry, seconded by Gene and approved unanimously by voice vote.

There was a discussion on the possibility of holding a once-a-month club run.  Everyone seemed to feel this was a good idea and several members, including  Shannon, Heather and Becky indicated a willingness to lead such a run. It was also suggested that having a clinic or some specific  topic of discussion would perhaps draw more interest.   It was then suggested that we do a survey of all club members to get an idea of the members’ interest, both to see what participation might be like and also to see if more leaders might volunteer.  Heather volunteered to write up a survey using the Survey Monkey program.  Dee made a motion that we proceed with this survey and Barry seconded.  The motion was approved by voice vote.

Dee announced that she recently successfully completed the RRCA Race Director's Certification course.  Dan has made all the arrangements to attend the RRCA National Convention in Albuquerque in early May. This is the first time our club has sent a member to the convention and we are excited to do so this year.

Garrett presented information from the KU Running Club. His club on campus is going very well, with some members recently attending the NIRCA Convention in Columbus, Ohio. They hope to have several athletes competing at the NIRCA Nationals on April 6 in Bloomington, Indiana. The club now has enough members and has done enough fund raising that they will receive matching funds from KU in the fall. Garrett did express disappointment in his trail building efforts in east Lawrence.  Garrett had obtained the necessary approval from city officials and work had already begun to clear a trail though some city owned wooded area near the Burrough’s Trail.  The neighborhood association, however, started voicing their disapproval and the plan has come to a stand still at this point.

At approximately 5:40 Barry moved that the meeting adjourn.  This was seconded by Dan and passed by voice vote.

Submitted by Dee Boeck
Club Secretary