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Photo from the Ugly Sweater Run. Photo from the Dr Bob Run at Rimrock Farm.
  Ugly Sweater Run started at Watson Park; running ar Rimrock Farm. (gmw)

Meeting Minutes, Sun, Jan 6, 2013 (approved Feb 3, 2013)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital, 4:00 pm.

Members present: Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Don Cackler, Lori Cackler, John Huchingson, Janet Huchingson, Heather Krase-Minnick, Coyla Lockhart, Paul Boone, Dan Kuhlman, Leah Kuhlman, Barry Nason, Karen Hyde, Shannon Hodges, and guests Rachel DaPron and Macey Webb.

  1. Treasurer John reported a balance of $17261.64 as of January 4, 2013.
  2. The December 2012 meeting minutes were approved following a motion by Don and a second by John.

  3. Gene said he has application forms for 2013 membership. Garry Gribble’s store will continue to offer current paid members a 20% discount.

  4. Rachel, an acupuncturist with Ad Astra Acupuncture, 106 North Park Street in Lawrence, introduced herself as recently moved to Lawrence from Portland where she specialized in the treatment of runners.  Macey currently receives acupuncture services from Rachel and spoke regarding its benefits.

  5. Shannon and Dan presented their vision for a Lawrence based youth running program. Shannon would develop a program for K-5 that comes alongside and provides further training, workouts and possible competition to children involved with the elementary school running clubs.  Dan will focus on grades 6-8. There is a current dearth of running support opportunities for sixth grade students. It is Dan’s hope that students who have been inspired to take up running in elementary school can continue and expand their interest in the sport through this program. Dee said sponsoring such a program is certainly within the scope of our club’s purpose and governance under RRCA. She will need to complete the paperwork necessary to include the program on the club insurance.  Shannon and Dan will continue to refine the details with targeted start in the summer 2013.  They plan to charge a fee to the participants in order to support the program.  Don moved, Paul seconded and the motion passed to have runLawrence sponsor and support this program.

  6. Dee suggested that the approximate $10,500 profit from the 2012 Thanksgiving Day Run be used for club development, distribution to the community and for seed money for the 2013 Thanksgiving Day Run as follows:

    Woodlawn School $3,000.00
    Dan Kuhlman to RRCA convention $1,000.00
    RRCA Race Director Certification: Dee Boeck $250.00
    KU Running Club $300.00
    Deerfield Marathon Club $300.00
    Woodlawn Marathon Club $300.00
    Liberty Memorial Middle School Fitness Program $300.00
    CASA Shepherd Shoe Fund $300.00
    runLawrence Youth Running Project $300.00
    RRCA State Championship Fund $200.00
    Eudora Elementary Marathon Club $300.00

    Janet moved, Gene seconded and the motion passed to use the funds as suggested. Dee will begin the distribution of checks on Monday, January 7th.

  7. Slate of officers for 2013:

    Heather Krase-Minnick President
    Dan Kuhlman Vice-President
    Karen Hyde Treasurer
    Dee Boeck Secretary
    Coyla Lockhart Assistant Secretary

    Janet moved and Don seconded that these new officers be installed February 3rd, 2013.  They were elected unanimously.

  8. Dee moved, John seconded and the motion passed that beginning with the February 3rd meeting, the meeting time will change from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  9. Club librarian, Janet shared available materials for check-out.

  10. The meeting adjourned upon the motion of Heather, second by John.

Submitted by Lori Cackler