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    Scenes rom the Nov 3 Cliff Hanger 8K; (left) from the Apr 30, 2006 club meeting at Greg Burger's.

Meeting Minutes, Sun, November 3, 2013 (approved Dec 1, 2013)

Attendance:  Karen, Lori, Don, Leah, Dan, Gene, Dee, Jason, Heather, Janet, John, Becky, Molly, Celeste, Elizabeth, Brenda

Treasurer's report was given as $10,244.54.  The latest bank statement was passed around.

After perusal of last month's minutes, John moved that they be approved; Jason seconded; passed unanimously.

Report on the Thanksgiving Day 5K preparations:  Gene reported entries of almost 300 which is somewhat ahead of last year's pace.  The volunteer sign up sheet was passed around.  More volunteers are needed - particularly as course marshals.  But overall, most of the same volunteers from past years have returned and it is looking very good.

Elizabeth has secured frisbees which will be used as awards in the kids fun run.  The organization "Outside for a Better Inside" is donating these frisbees.

An art design has been chosen for the volunteer t-shirts and will go to the printer tomorrow.   The beanies for the youth running in the 5K are also at the printers.  The printer has determined the due to the fabric finish, the mittens cannot be screen printed so they will be left plain.  Porta potties and EMT services have been secured.  Don will be the liaison between the volunteers and the medical services at the race.  Many more details of the race were discussed and in general everything is going well and on schedule.

Heather displayed the new club jerseys which everyone agreed are very attractive.  They are of a nice quality material and very comfortable.  The price is $32.00 each.  They run a little large, so be sure to try one on or order a size smaller than you normally wear.

Dan reported that he is offering an extended training session on Wednesday evenings from 4:30 to 5:30 for those who participated in the summer Youth Running Project who want some additional training to prepare for the Thanksgiving Day 5K.

It is hoped that the club can send more than one person to the national RRCA convention in the spring.  This will depend on the outcome of a grant application as well as proceeds from the T-day run.

It was reported that the KU Running Club hosted a successful NIRCA regional meet on the Haskell campus yesterday. Several runLawrence members volunteered.

After some discussion about the recipients of the t-day run proceeds, it was moved by Molly and seconded by Dan that all of the Lawrence elementary schools with marathon clubs be contacted about being recipients.  All members present approved.  Heather volunteered to do this.  It was also suggested that all proceeds recipients be asked to contribute volunteers for the race.

With no more old or new business on the agenda, the floor was open for discussion and it was learned that our members have been very active in the race   scene this fall.  Jason ran his first 1/2 marathon in KC with a fine time of 1:59; Karen set a PR for the marathon distance of 3:35 at age 52 in KC; Dan did the same half marathon in 1:29 and then a week later ran a 50K trail run finishing second overall, at age 59; Elizabeth did the Pikes Peak ascent; Dee ran a 1:55 half in Mankato, Minnesota; Celeste, Karen,  & Dee ran the Cliff Hanger 8K in KC this morning with all bringing home hardware; Molly & Becky ran the Crimson & Boo 5K on campus with a 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Respectfully submitted,
Dee Boeck