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Photo of Dan Kuhlman at the first practice of the Middle School Cross Country Program.
    Women's 5K Bob Timmons Classic at Rimrock Farm Aug 31st; Dan Kuhlman talking to the parents of the Middle School Cross
    Country Program, Aug 19.

Meeting Minutes, Sun, September 1, 2013 (approved Oct 6, 2013)

The September 1, 2013 Meeting of runLawrence was held at Johnny's in north Lawrence.

Present:  Heather, Dan, Gene, Lori, Don, Jason, Karen, Becky, Dee

The treasurer reported a club bank balance of $10,141.87.

Karen moved that last month's minutes be approved as submitted; Jason seconded; motion passed unanimously.

Samples of the mittens which will be given to the T-Day run participants were passed around and everyone agreed they will be very nice and functional for cold weather running.  Samples of the hand-crafted ceramic award medals were also examined and declared a great award to be handing out for out 10th anniversary event.

Reports on sponsorships, on-line registrations, and the printing up of entry forms were given.  Things seem to be going well and on schedule.  Several on-line entries have been received.  Elizabeth could not be at the meeting, but has committed to finding a source for fun run awards.  Dee will check with the city engineer about any possible road construction or other work planned along the course.

Dan gave a report on his Youth Running Project which is the middle school cross country program.  It is a very big success.  Twenty-eight runners have signed up, with about twenty showing up on a given practice.  If anyone is available M, W or F from 4:30 - 5:30 to help out, please let Dan know ahead of time; practice will normally start at the shelter house at Broken Arrow Park.

Heather announced that she is working on getting samples of possible club shirts and hopefully we will have these before too long.  She also is still looking into how much interest there is in a regular club weekly or perhaps monthly run.  Please contact her with any thoughts you may have on this.

Gene announced that club dues are now due; any payment made now will be good through 2014.

Upon motion by Dan and seconding by Gene, the meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck