Meeting Minutes, Sun, Jan 5, 2014
(pending approval)

Members Present:
Heidi, Kendra, Lori, Don, Jason, Dan, Gene, Dee, Heather, Becky

Treasurer's report was given, showing a bank balance of $21,964.83 with all outstanding bills paid except for the EMT bill which is estimated at $270.00.

Don moved to approve the December minutes as submitted, Dan seconded, approved unanimously.

New officer elections were discussed. The follow slate was presented:

  • President - Heather Krase-Minnick
  • Vice President - Dan Kuhlman
  • Secretary - Heather Matsakis
  • Treasurer - Jason Holbert

Dee moved that the entire slate be approved; Jason seconded; motion passed unanimously.

There was a fairly extensive discussion as to beneficiaries of the proceeds of the Thanksgiving Day Run which was our most financially successful event yet. Approximately $12,000 is available to distribute. Local school and other running programs were awarded funds as follows:

  • Deerfield Elementary Marathon Club $100
  • Cordley Elementary School Marathon Club $300
  • Sunflower Elementary School Marathon Club $500
  • Hillcrest Elementary School Marathon Club $400
  • Kennedy Elementary School Marathon Club $300
  • Prairie Park Elementary School Marathon Club $300
  • Eudora Elementary School Marathon Club $300
  • KU Running Club $300
  • CASA Shepherd Shoe Fund $300
  • Central Middle School Fitness Program $300
  • RRCA KIds Run The Nation Program $200
  • Woodlawn Elementary School Marathon Club $300
  • Woodlawn Elementary School (event host) $3,000

Dan moved to approve all the noted awards; Lori seconded; passed unanimously.

It was decided that a representative from each of the above organizations will be invited to attend a 5 p.m. reception to receive their checks at our February meeting.

Dan gave an overview of his plans for 2014 for the Youth Running Project. They include additional work with all the local marathon clubs. Dan recently attended a USATF clinic in Bonner Springs which confirmed his belief that the key to the future of running is working closely with programs for the youngest of runners.

Dan's plans include possibly offering a spring program for 6th graders only which will be more track and road runner oriented. He also plans to continue the successful fall cross country program for middle school students. He is in consultation with the high school coaches as to the best approach.

Heidi made a motion that the club fully support Dan's plans; seconded by Dee and passed unanimously.

Next came a discussion on plans to send club representatives to the RRCA convention in Spokane Washington in May. It was decided that the club could afford to pay the way for two members to attend the convention. runLawrence will likely have a good representation at the convention with two additional club members planning to attend on their own. Approximately $2500 will be available. Just how the funds will be allocated will depend on the status of the club's application for a grant to cover one person's expenses. Heather moved that club funds be used to pay for two members to go to the convention; Don seconded; motion passed unanimously.

Discussion then turned to the suggestion that the club pay for RRCA coaching certification fee for up to four club members as the certification clinic will be held in Kansas City in April. It was suggested that the benefit to the club from having several certified coaches could be substantial. Kendra, Heidi, Heather and possibly Becky expressed interest in becoming certified coaches. Mileage expense would be included in addition to the $300 fee. Heather moved to approve this request; Dee seconded and it passed unanimously.

Dee updated the club on the improving condition of Deborah Young, wife of club member Brett Young. Deborah suffered serious injuries in a traffic accident a few months ago and is in a Denver rehab hospital recuperating. The family has set up an on-line Caring Bridge website to keep those interested in her progress i nformed. It is also a convenient vehicle to communicate directly with Deborah. It was suggested that the club make a donation of $100 to the website as a tribute to Deborah. Dee made the motion, it was 2nd by Becky and passed unanimously.

Due to conflicts with the Super Bowl, it was decided our February meeting would be help on the 2nd Sunday, February 9, at 4:30 p.m. at LMH. It was expected there would be a short business meeting and club donation recipients will be invited to come at 5 for a reception to receive their checks. Submitted by

Submitted by
Dee Boeck