Meeting Minutes, Sun, July 6, 2014

Meeting called to order at 4:37 pm.

In attendance was Heather Krase-Minnick, Jason Holbert, Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Elizabeth Stewart, Brenda Groskinsky , Lori Cackler, Don Cackler, Dan Kuhlman, Celeste Leonardi, Molly Wood, Becky McClure, Kendra Kuhlman, and Heidi Matsakis

Jason gave the current a report of our current financial status, which is $11,392.92

Old Business:

1. August Meeting details:

Our August meeting will be the annual runLawrence member party that is being held at Greg Burger and Elizabeth Stewart’s home.  The party will start at 5:30pm on Sunday, August 3rd.  Elizabeth will get directions to Gene, who will forward onto all members. The party is open to all members and their families (or a guest).  Please RSVP by July 24th in order to ensure there is enough food and space for all who are planning on attending.  Dee is going to work on the BBQ and beans with the caterers that they used in the previous years.  Heather is going to look into some vegetarian options as well.  Elizabeth and Greg will provide the drinks.  Those members with a last name that start with A-L are asked to bring a salad or side dish to share and those members with a last name that starts with M-Z are asked to bring a dessert.

2.  Youth Running Program: 

The Youth Running Program led by Dan Kuhlman for all interested 6th - 8th graders will start August 18th and run through October 17th.  They will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 4:30pm-5:30pm at Broken Arrow Park.  He has capped registration at 40 participants. Early registration will close on August 17th but late registration during the first week of school may be reconsidered if spaces are still available.  Currently, Dee has offered to help on Monday evenings and Leah Kuhlman will also be available to help all three evenings.  Dan has some leads on college students who are potentially interested in being volunteer coaches as well.  He is going to follow up with those leads and confirm whether they will be available to help out.  Dan has also mentioned that all practices are open for runLawrence members to come and either run with the kids or help in some way.  Please contact him at if you have any interest in helping.  Dan will be working with Gene to get the registration on up and running.  He will also be distributing fliers to businesses such as Garry Gribbles, Francis Sporting Goods, and Sunflower.

3. runLawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K:

Dee has gotten more arm sleeve samples from Francis Sporting goods for all meeting attendants to look at and try on.  Each participant in the 5K will get a pair of sleeves with the runLawrence logo and potentially our Primary Corporate Sponsor. 

Dee and Heidi are continuing to work on all of our sponsorship.  Some letters to sponsors have already been contacted.  Heidi is looking into more sponsors specifically for the Kids Fun Run and Mile Markers.

Gene also requested some help with the coordination of course marshals.  Kendra has offered to speak to the Woodlawn PTO as the beginning of the year to see if she can find some volunteers to fill in as course marshals.  Gene would also like a volunteer to be at the start of the Kids Fun Run to coordinate the start time and get the participants all lined up so that the race starts on time.

Don has been working on gathering more information about walkie talkie rentals.  He found a local company, TFM communications, that rents walkie talkies for $10 per radio.  They reach 2 miles in range.  Dee will look more into the quantity that will be needed in order to make sure that communications are open during the race for any emergencies.

Don also looked into contacts for medical personnel that would ride a bike to be more accessible to emergencies.  There has been noted that getting the ambulance through the streets can be of a challenge.  The person on the bike would be the first contact in an emergency situation and the ambulance could be called if needed.  Heather is going to contact the American Red Cross to see if they have a volunteer that would be willing to provide this service for race day.  Heather also suggested that maybe we contact Nancy English of KC Track Club to see who they used for Brew to Brew and if that would be an option.

New Business:

1.     Annual Donation to Dog Days

Don proposed that we donate money to help fund Dog Days.  They use the money to give participants shirts, etc.

It was motioned that we approve runLawrence to give $300 in donation to Dog Days by Don Cackler.   It was seconded by Dan Kuhlman.

2.     New Members Welcome

Dee had proposed that we have a volunteer who is in charge of contacting all new members in order for them to feel more welcome.  She suggested that the volunteer could find out more about the new member and what they are wanting or needing from their membership to runLawrence.  Kendra offered to volunteer for that position.  Gene will email her all of the new members contact info so that she can reach out to them.

3.     Training Program for 5K participants

Heather, Heidi, Becky, and Kendra proposed to start a training program for all interested participants who are running in the Thanksgiving Day 5K and have either never ran a 5K or who are looking to improve their 5K finish time.  Currently, the group, whom are all RRCA certified running coaches are volunteering their Tuesday evenings to lead group runs and to attend local informational sessions with all training program participants. The cost of the program is $20 which will pay for either their runLawrence membership if they are new members or the renewal of their membership if they are current runLawrence members.  Additional information will be provided in the next few weeks.  The first day of training is scheduled from October 1st.  Dee motioned that we move forward with the training program and it was seconded by Dan.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm

Submitted by
Heidi Matsakis