Meeting Minutes, Sun, June 1, 2014

Attendees:  Heather, Dee, Gene, Brenda, Dan, Leah, Becky, Molly, Elizabeth, Heidi

Meeting called to order at 4:37pm

Old Business:

Treasurer Report: $14,720.47 bank account
Paid for printing of shirts for 6th grade running program
Profit:  $200 with equipment rentals from various races last month.

Submission of Bills for Volunteer Coaches:
Heidi, Heather, Becky, Kendra were each reimbursed $315.00 for their registration fees from the RRCA Running Coach Certification course that took place in April.  Heather asked that all attendees email her proof that they had passed the test in order to receive reimbursement.  Heather also sent out an email for mileage reimbursement and reimbursement will be granted if requested by drivers.  At this time no one has sought out mileage reimbursement.

Submission of Bills for RRCA National Convention
Conventions Expenses: $375.00 registration  total: + Hotel and AirFare $1025.11 (Dee).  It was also decided that we would pay for Gene’s registration and AirFare ($639.19) as previously discussed, runLawrence would pay for 2 individuals to attend the convention.

Dee motions that we approve Dan’s registration for the RRCA convention. 
Seconded by Molly for $375.00

Thanksgiving Day 5K Race Planning

Genesis requested a professional form as a potential corporate sponsor for this year’s race.  Heather, Dee, Gene, and Heidi worked on a form to give local businesses.

Elizabeth and Jason put together a Request for Funding for School-Based Running Programs application for marathon clubs and youth fitness clubs.  Elizabeth had a question as to what clubs we could get included in the request for funds.  Elizabeth also asked if we wanted to cap the amount given to each club and give a standard amount so as not to upset any club and to add some continuity.
Giving money also helps to get our name out in the community as well as it helps with getting volunteers to help with the Thanksgiving Day run.
The form was reviewed by all that were in attendance and suggestions were given for modification of the form.  Once the form is finished, it will be on runLawrence website for clubs to access.  The request for funding will be for area-public schools and youth fitness programs.  Elizabeth is going to work on the modifications.  Deadlines were also suggested so that we have an idea as to how much money the club will be dispersing.

Dee passed around a sample arm sleeve for members to try on.  The arm sleeve is the possible giveaway prize from all registrants for the runLawrence Thanksgiving Day 5K. Dee is working with St. Francis on the final product and will get more information to us as she receives it.

New Business:

Dan is seeking volunteers to help with the Youth Running Program for the Fall.  He stated that those volunteers would not have to be at every practice but that he wanted to have more help on hand.  He will be meeting with all interested volunteers sometime this summer to go over the structure of the program.  If interested, please contact Dan at

Training Program for 5K:

Heather, Becky, Kendra, and Heidi thought that it may be nice for runLawrence to offer a Training Program for the Thanksgiving Day 5K.  They will be meeting to discuss and formulate some plans to be presented to the group.

runLawrence Annual Picnic:
For our August Meeting, Greg Burger agreed to host annual picnic for runLawrence at his home.  More information coming.

Meeting is adjourned at 6:00 pm

Submitted by
Heidi Matsakis