Meeting Minutes, Sun, March 9, 2014
(approved by executive committee, Apr 21 by email)

Attendance:  Heather, Gene, Dan, Dee, Jason, Janet, John, Becky

Motion to accept minutes by Dee and seconded by Gene.

Old Business:

Heather will touch base with Elizabeth in regards to the donation form that she offered to put together for clubs and organizations to use when applying for monetary help.

Jason made a report of the clubs balance, which was $14,600.35.

New Business:

Gene mentioned that there has been a request for the rental of our equipment for upcoming races. The Lawrence Trailhawks want to use our equipment for the Shoreline Shuffle.  St. John’s also has a 5K the day prior, May 3rd, and would like to use our equipment. Heidi has offered to help Steve and Justin with equipment and other various tasks. 

Hannah & Jayhawk Friends 5K is a new race that will take place on the University of Kansas Campus and end on the 50 yard line of War Memorial Stadium.  Corbin Barnes, who is the race director, mentioned that the student discount that can be used for a registration discount also applies to children. Heather suggested that we get that information out to all of the Marathon Clubs.

Heather and Gene noted that numerous requests in the past month have been fielded on how to start and run a race.  Heather suggested that quarterly or every other year maybe in conjunction to our meeting or on a separate date, we possibly do a workshop/seminar on this particular subject.  Dee, Heidi and Heather had offered to help with putting together this workshop.  Maybe charge a minimal fee?

Heather formed a motion to put together a committee to look further into seminar.  Dan motioned to approve and Heidi seconded it.

Heather motioned that we  adjourn the meeting.  Jason seconded.

Submitted by
Heidi Matsakis