Meeting Minutes, Sun, Sept 7, 2014

Attendance: Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Jason Holbert, Heidi Matsakis, Don Cackler, Lauri Cackler, Celeste Leonardi, Molly Wood, Bill Kinnersley, Garrett Gatzemeyer, Maresa Cuevas, Kyle Morgison, Leah Kuhlman, and Becky McClure

The meeting was called to order by Dee at 5:40 pm


Jason gave the most current Treasurer’s Report of $11,966.81 in the account.  There were some deposits for equipment rental that had been added. 

The Youth Running Project that is led by Dan Kuhlman is off to a great start.  There are 24 registered participants from various schools.  Leah Kuhlman gave us an update as Dan was unable to be at the meeting.  Along with Leah in attendance were two of the volunteer coaches, Kyle and Maresa, who added that so far everything is going great.  They focused on building  a base with the kids the first week and then the second week they are focusing on the 1 min timed mile so they can have baselines for all of the kids.  There is an average of 20 kids per practice in attendance.  They typically do speed work, tempo runs, and then on Friday is the long run.  The kids will be participating in the Dr. Bob run with some doing the 5K and others doing the mile.  Then they will be participating in the Shawnee Mission Invitational on Oct 11 and the Sunflower League Invitational on Oct 19th. 

Dee filled us in on how the Thanksgiving Day Run was coming along.  Looks like we are still in need of approximately 300 bottles of water to be donated.  Gene had stated that this year to help with registration, there will be several kiosks (laptops) available for last minute registrants so their information will automatically be entered into the timing system.  It may be available for last minute registrants the day before the race as well.  Dee is looking for 5-6 people to volunteer to hold pace signs at the start of the race to allow individuals to line up according to their minute per mile pace.  Having the pace signs will hopefully alleviate congestion for the faster runners.

The 8-week training plan that is being offered to all runLawrence members will be starting on October 7th.  There is a introductory meeting at the Lawrence Public Library on September 30 at 6:30 pm for anyone interested in receiving some coaching.  It is for all abilities and is being lead by four RRCA Certified Running Coaches (Kendra Kuhlman, Heidi Matsakis, Becky McClure, and Heather Krase-Minnick).  All training runs will take place on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm and they will start from the Train Depot (3rd and Locust St).  Please email Kendra Kuhlman for more information.  All interested participants can also go onto the runLawrence website for more information and to fill out participant forms.

Heather submitted a letter in support of a grant the CIty applied for through the Sunflower Grant Foundation that would provide funding to connect a new trail system in the Burcham Park Area.  The grant was approved.

New Business:

Equipment Rental commitments

  • Perry Pride on Sept 13th: looking for a volunteer to help with the finish
  • Pura Vida will use the equipment on Sept 27th; Jay O'Neill will handle the setup.

Gene has made a new membership card for to put in stores/places of interest in town.  Kendra Kuhlman will be the new contact for those seeking more information about the club.

Submitted by
Heidi Matsakis