Meeting Minutes, Sun, Dec 6, 2015

Present: Ann Carlin Ozegovic, Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Becky McClure, Celeste Leonardi, Karen Hyde, Don Cackler, Paul Boone, Jason Holbert, Dan Kuhlman, Lea Kuhlman, Elizabeth Burger

In the absence of President Dan, Dee called the meeting to order. On a motion by Celeste, seconded by Elizabeth, the November minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.

Jason submitted his treasurer’s report which indicated a club balance or $24,790.98. He read off several payments to several vendors for the Thanksgiving Day 5K Race (Hy-Vee, announcer, printing, T-shirts, etc) all which could be viewed on the 2015 budget distributed to the members with the minutes. Don moved to approve the expenses, the entire group seconded, and the expenses were approved.

The report on the Youth Running Program was postponed until Dan arrived. It was noted the Dan would arrive around 5 pm due to his work schedule.

Dee and Gene opened the conversation on the Thanksgiving Day 5K Race.

  • Race Financials.
    To date the race made a profit of $10,500 with the expectation of $2500 more through registration payments that still had to be collected through the race company. One reason for the success was great registration due to great weather: 1076 entries overall, with 90+ race day registrations. Another reason was the relatively inexpensive cost of the race “goodies” (gators) compared to goodies in years past, such as gloves. The total net was expected to be around $13,000.

  • Grant Awards from Race Profits.
    Jason noted that last year the club gave away $7500 in Fitness/Running Club grants which included the $3000 to Woodlawn, the race host site. Elizabeth offered to take charge of distributing and collecting the running club applications as she did in 2015. It was decided to send the applications out in early January, review in February, and give the awards at the March meeting or thereabouts. It was decided this timing worked best for everyone, especially the schools, because it missed the holiday crush and allowed the grant awards to be given just when the clubs were ramping up again.

  • Debrief Race Logistics - course.
    Gene noted that despite new course marshals this year, everyone did a great job. It was decided that having a police escort at corner of 8th and Locust would be warranted next year, as that intersection does not have a 4-way stop and it’s relatively busy with vehicle traffic, putting runners at risk. This year Greg Burger was subject to road rage from one irritated driver at the corner. Next year the club will ask Lawrence Journal World to put in a reminder that some of the streets in the north Lawrence neighborhood will be blocked off. (Elizabeth also learned later from a North Lawrencian that the neighborhood has a very active Facebook page, and that is a great way to post stuff, so it should be noted for next year.) Finally it was noted that next year, course marshals should be reminded to stay at their post until the walking marshal, with the very last participants, passes by.

  • Debrief Race Day Logistics– registration and other
    Celeste said another laptop for registration would be helpful, as things got super busy that morning. Dee said the merchandise sold well, over $200 on race days sales. The group all noted the race could do a better job with recycling bins and pointing runners to use them – perhaps more signage, announcer could remind, etc. The bag drop-off system worked really well.

  • Gene and Dee said they were willing to be race directors for next year, provided they continued to receive the support of the club and its many volunteers to make the event such a success.

Once the race day discussion finished, Dan brought up the topic of the assistant coaches helping with the youth running project. He said that due to the late hour, he would give a full report at the next meeting, but asked to give the coaches $100 gift cards apiece to thank them for all their hours of dedication over the fall. Paul moved and Don seconded.

The next topic was that of official officers.
Jason said he is willing to stay treasurer. Dan said he wants to step down as president due to work schedule and a full plate. He said this might be an opportunity to rethink how the club does meetings; instead of every month, what about quarterly meetings that are more like “events” with either an educational speaker on a run related topic, an actual run or training session, or a social event like the annual picnic. It was noted how many people turned out for the events at the new Ad Astra store and perhaps the club could collaborate with the store. Any club “business” could be done in a more ad hoc style/executive session outside of the big club events. In that way the officers could meet more on their schedule and that might make it easier. No one volunteered at the time but several said they would think about it. The topic would be revisited at the next meeting.

The group discussed moving the next meeting to Sunday Jan 10th rather than Jan 3 due to holidays, travel. Ann moved to adjourn the meeting and the group seconded.

Respectfully submitted by Elizabeth Burger (in absence of the secretary)