Meeting Minutes, Sun, July 12, 2015

The meeting, held in the LMH Conference Room, was called to order at 4:30 by President Bill Kinnersley.

Present:  Bill, Maresa Cuevas, Kyle Morgison, John & Janet Huchingson, Karen Hyde, Dee Boeck, Gene Wee, Ann Carlin Ozegovic, Jason Holbert, Don &, Lori Cackler.

Dee moved to accept Jason's treasurer's report showing a balance of $11,223.42.  Don seconded and motion approved unanimously.

The June meeting minutes were presented.  Bill moved to approve, 2nd by Gene and unanimously accepted.

Maresa and Kyle gave a presentation on plans for the fall youth cross country program.  Sessions will be on Mon, Tues, Wed and Th this year from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. normally meeting at Broken Arrow Park.  Cost will remain the same at $25 per participant.  Dates will be from August 17 through October 8 with at least three competition opportunities.  There was discussion as to how to keep parents better informed as to the occasional change of location for the work out, competition opportunities, etc.  Maresa and Kyle will set up a Facebook group page and explore other possibilities.

It was moved by Gene and seconded by John to pay for the RRCA coaching clinic fee for Maresa and Kyle in September in Joplin, Mo.  The cost is $341.25 each.  Unanimously approved.

Janet volunteered to represent the club at an upcoming meeting of the elementary school marathon club leaders. 

Gene confirmed that Garry Gribbles Running Store will continue to offer the same 20% discount to club members.

Jason asked why we have never played the national anthem before the Thanksgiving Day 5K and it was decided that this would be a good addition to the event and different possibilities would be pursued.

Discussion turned to the plans for the 2015 T-Day 5K.  Gene announced there will be modifications to the course due to construction work in north Lawrence.  He has a couple possibilities laid out and will get the new course certified.  He is working with  City officials in going through the permit process.

There was discussion about using a new photographer for the event this year; Gene will send out a link to some of his work and the item will then be considered for approval.

Dee indicated she is working with a company to produce a runner's neck gaitor/stocking cap combo as the giveaway this year.  Sponsorship request letters are being sent out.

Don made a motion for the club to make a $300 donation to support the Dog Days program.  After some discussion, the motion was 2nd by Gene and approved on a 6 -5 vote.

The annual club social will be a barbecue at the Visitor's Center in north Lawrence.  It was suggested that we do get a liquor permit so members could bring alcoholic beverages if they wish. Meat, buns, beans, drinks & table wear will be provided.  An e-mail will be sent out asking club members to bring either a salad/vegetable or dessert based on their last name.  Some will bring a vegetarian main dish.

Janet gave a reminder of the club library which she maintains.  She has books of interest to runners as well as various newspaper and magazine clippings.
Janet made a motion to adjourn the meeting; 2nd by Gene and unanimously approved.

Submitted by,
Dee Boeck (in the absence of the club secretary)